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Enemies that are lethal to touch are denoted by a star (*).



JJMnDBK Enemy Plague.png

Plagues are the first enemies that you will encounter. They appear as slow old men who wander across the floor of the stage, as they are unable to jump at their advanced age. They occasionally kick stones that they find on the ground at you, but they are easy to jump over since they are low to the ground.

Big Tongue[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy Big Tongue.png

Big Tongues are another enemy that you will encounter very early in the game. They like to hop around from platform to platform and they are, for the most part, non-lethal. They can't throw projectiles, but they do like to stick their tongues out from time to time. They can kill you if you happen to get whacked by their tongue so give them some distance and take them out before the get the chance to lick you.


JJMnDBK Enemy Onigiri.png

Onigiris are like flame devils that descend from the sky, setting every platform that they pass on fire. When they land on the ground they continue to walk forward in an attempt to breath fire on Jajamaru. They are not nearly as much of a threat as the flame they leave behind, which burns permanently. Hopefully, they won't set fire to a patch of land that you are forced to traverse. Jump over the flame instead.


JJMnDBK Enemy Noppera.png

Noppera are strange demons that have a rather featureless face; no eyes, no ears, and no nose. These Noppera happen to have mouths, from which they spit bombs at Jajamaru. They like to bounce around and chase him from one platform to the next and try to blow him up. Since they get so close, it becomes easy to take them out with a well timed shuriken.


JJMnDBK Enemy Bee.png

Bees are a unique, but annoying enemy in this game. In no way can Bees ever kill you. But the slightest touch from a bee will stun Jajamaru for as long as contact is made, for a little while beyond. This puts Jajamaru in a very dangerous situation since any other enemy that comes along can kill him while he is stunned. If you do get stunned be prepared to move as far away from the Bee as possible as soon as you can resume movement. Although they make small targets, try to eliminate them as much as possible.


JJMnDBK Enemy Skeleton.png

Headbones are your garden variety skeleton who seek to stop Jajamaru by throwing bones at him. They can bounce along the ground or on platforms, and they throw their bones every so often. Do your best to take them out before they become too much of a nuisance.

Skull *[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy Skull.png

Skulls are simple enemies that roll along the ground. Their touch is lethal to Jajamaru, so you must make certain that you always jump or are off the ground in some manner whenever they roll on by.

Kitsune *[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy Kitsune.png

Kitsunes are a magical variety of fox that is very smart and very dangerous. They are lethal to the touch and must be avoided at all costs. In addition to flying around the screen whenever you get close enough to awaken them, they fire fox tails at you which they can instantly grow back. No matter what's going on around you, stay away from this menace.


JJMnDBK Enemy Musibarasu.png

These harbingers of death and doom occupy the dungeon stage, and are their to haunt any unlucky souls who happen to pay them a visit. They toss sickles out ahead of them in an effort to reap the death of those who dare disturb them. They can jump around the stage and try to follow Jajamaru, so take them out whenever the opportunity arises.


JJMnDBK Enemy Terror.png

Terrors are stationary creatures who fire three explosive balls out of the top of their head. The balls fan out in three direction and can reach a variety of heights before falling down. Sometimes the balls are fired so high, they never return. The balls are of course lethal to the touch. The Terror may appear impervious to your attacks, but in reality if you throw 16 shuriken at them, they will go down. However, this usually takes more time than it's worth.


JJMnDBK Enemy Daruma.png

Darumas fall from the sky and wander across any platforms they encounter, or the ground once they finally reach it. They aren't easily pushed off of the screen, and will turn around once they reach the edge. They fire a sickle shaped blade at you in an effort to slice you at the knees. Don't become one of their victims and be the first to destroy them.


JJMnDBK Enemy Priest.png

The priests of the region have been subverted by the Catfish Pirate, who insisted to them that it is you who is trying to kidnap Princess Sakura, and that he needs their help to protect her. Easily deceived, the priests have taken on the pirate's cause, and attempt to stop you with their deadly double knife throwing technique. They can jump off the ground if need be to attack you. Stop them before they have the chance.

Ghost Girl[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy Ghost Girl.png

The Catfish Pirate has retained the ability to communicate with the Ghost Girls, and he summons them to do his bidding in the graveyard. They still breathe an icy breath that can freeze the heart of any man. They initially fall out of the sky, but once they land, they are free to leap around the graveyard to find the best place to attack from.

100 Eyes[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy 100 Eyes.png

100 Eyes also make a come back. And just like last time, their weapon of choice is eyeballs. They have enough to spare. They can jump around and follow Jajamaru so fire off a shuriken or two if they end up behind you. It may be impossible to sneak up on them, but it's very easy to do away with them.

Paper Lantern *[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy Paper Lantern.png

They may start out looking like ordinary inanimate paper laterns, but as soon as you get close enough, these dangerous Paper Lanterns come to life! They can't fire, but all they need to kill you is to touch you. They attempt to light Jajamaru on fire, so stay as far away from them as you can.


JJMnDBK Enemy Tanooki.png

Tanookis are very hardy creatures. They are so hardy that they can't be killed! You can, however, stun them with your shurikens. One hit flattens them and makes them immobile for a short while, but they will get back up and continue their chase. They fire projectiles at Jajamaru in order to knock him out, but they aren't lethal in any other way.

Rokuko *[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy Rokuko.png

While the body of a Rokuko is not lethal to touch, their head is. And their head is what they launch high into the sky atop their incredibly stretchable neck. They can't move at all, but they attempt to create a barrier by launching their head up to the sky. The only way to kill them is to fire a shuriken at their face. The body is safe to pass through.

Hebimaru *[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy Hebimaru.png

This coiled up snake is another nasty enemy to face, with no projectile attack, their only means of attacking Jajamaru is to bite him, which they will do at any opportunity. The venom is their bite is lethal, so once again, you must steer very clear of these enemies in order to stay alive.


JJMnDBK Enemy Umbrella.png

These enchanted one eye, one foot umbrellas like to hang around in one place without moving. They wait a while and line up their shot, and then they kick back and fling a sandal at Jajamaru's head! Don't become the victim of their shoe attack, take them out before they have the chance to attack you.

Tree Child[edit]

JJMnDBK Enemy Tree Child.png

Tree Children are very much like Terrors: They are rooted to the ground so they can't move, and they fire three objects out of the top of their head which fan out and come back down to the ground. However, Tree Children are only found in the lake stage where jumps are especially tricky. As a result, these children are a little bit easier to take out: only five hits from a shuriken are needed to do them in so that you can get beyond them.



JJMnDBK Boss Komusou.png

Komusou is the first of the "Big Four" mini bosses that you will face. He jumps back and forth over Jajamaru's head, dropping bombs down at the ground in an attempt to hit Jajamaru. As you will only be throwing your shuriken up at the sky, you need to anticipate where he will be jumping and toss a throwing star at that location in advance of his movements. After getting hit three times, he will explode and you proceed to the next stage.

Thunder Pants[edit]

JJMnDBK Boss Thunder Pants.png

Thunder Pants does not like to touch the ground. Instead, he prefer to float overhead, moving back and forth between the extents of the fight area. Thus, if you do not move to follow him, he will spend a good amount of time off screen. Wherever he is, he will discharge a bolt of lightning down to the ground, which he hopes to hit Jajamaru with. This shouldn't be too much of a threat to you since you will need to stay a few inches ahead of him while running along the ground in order to lead him with your shuriken so that you have a chance to hit him. Whenever he is hit, he will turn around and continue in the other direction.


JJMnDBK Boss Xavier.png

Xavier follows the behavior pattern of Komusou, jumping back and forth over Jajamaru's head. He too will throw a projectile down at the ground, but his projectile is a lot more difficult to avoid if you find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time. His projectile falls down to the ground in a sweeping motion, back and forth. It has tremendous hang time, and remains in a particular location in mid-air long enough to disrupt your movement from one side of the stage to the other. It is far better to wait the projectile out and let it disappear into the ground then to attempt a leap over its difficult-to-predict motion.


JJMnDBK Boss Rasyamen.png

Rasyamen is the last of the "Big Four" crew. She behaves much more like Thunder Pants, preferring to float back and forth over the ground. Instead of discharging lightning, she can fire a stream of fire down to the ground. Even after the stream has finished, the location on the ground that was scorched remains on fire for a brief period of time, creating a hazard that Jajamaru must avoid or leap over in order to avoid getting killed. When more than one of these heads is floating around, you must be careful if you find yourself pinned between two columns of fire. Always lead one head or the other, and do not get stuck between them if you can help it.

Catfish Pirate[edit]

JJMnDBK Catfish Pirate.png

The antagonist himself, the Catfish Pirate simply can't live without Princess Sakura, and he is determined to remove you once and for all and make the Princess his bride. Knowing what a formidable power he is going up against, Jajamaru brings reinforcements in the form of his trusty fire breathing frog. Riding the frog's back, Jajamaru directs the frog to leap back and forth in an effort to follow the pirate as he jumps about the stage, showering Jajamaru and his frog with bombs. The frog can withstand a number of hits from the bomb before being knocked out of the fight. Unlike the other boss fights, if you are killed in this one, you do not advance to the next stage, and must try again. Hit the Catfish Pirate with as many balls of fire from the frog's mouth as you can. Catching him in mid-air works especially well, but watch out for those bombs.