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  • Left dpad or Right dpad: Press left or right to make Jajamaru run in either direction.
  • A button: Press A to make Jajamaru jump in the air. Press it together with left or right to make Jajamaru jump in either direction.
  • Down dpad+A button: Hold down while pressing the A button to make Jajamaru jump down through the platform that he is currently standing on.
  • B button: Press the B button to throw a shuriken. Normally, shurikens are thrown in the direction that Jajamaru faces, and can only travel a few inches from where he stands. On even stages, Jajamaru will throw shurikens straight up in the air, and they will travel to the top of the screen. Jajamaru can only throw one shuriken at a time.

Status Bar[edit]

JJMnDBK Status.png

The status bar displays the following information:

  • The current high score.
  • The player's current score
  • The icons of which distinct power-ups have been collected since the start of the game, or since the last Tornado.
  • The number of lives remaining (shows a maximum of 4, but more can be stored.)
  • The number of Tamashi spirits collected.
  • The amount of time remaining before the fire spirit begins to pursue Jajamaru.
  • The number of screen lengths remaining in the stage (shown after the アト)



JJMnDBK Player Jajamaru.png

Jajamaru is back to rescue Princess Sakura from the clutches of the Catfish Pirate once more. He is no longer confined to a limited space that he runs back and forth in. Now he must continuously run to the right in order to reach the stage exit. Along the way, he must avoid the weapons that enemies throw at him, and he must also avoid the lethal touch of certain enemies that can kill him instantly. As always, he has an unlimited number of shuriken that he can throw to dispatch the enemies. Defeated enemies release spirit energy known as Tamashi that Jajamaru can capture for extra points. If he catches 50 Tamashis, he will also earn an extra life. Jajamaru must fight a mini-boss every other stage. If he wins, he earns extra points, but if he loses, he doesn't suffer any consequences, he simply advances to the next stage. In each stage, there are blocks that are colored differently, that Jajamaru can jump into with his head and break open. Often times, there will be an item for him to collect, but sometimes a bomb will appear instead, which Jajamaru must avoid touching.

Princess Sakura[edit]

JJMnDBK Princess Sakura.png

Poor Princess Sakura has been kidnapped by the evil and ugly Catfish Pirate, and she is hoping that Jajamaru can repeat his former feat and rescue her again. She is being held captive, and appears every 10 stages when Jajamaru and the Catfish Pirate have their confrontation. Jajamaru fights the pirate atop his giant frog, and if the pirate is defeated, Princess Sakura will jump off the building to land on the frog behind Jajamaru.


Items Description
JJMnDBK Item Coin Small.png Each small coin that you collect will earn you 200 points.
JJMnDBK Item Coin Large.png Every large coin collected is worth 500 points.
JJMnDBK Item Gem Small.png Like small coins, small gems will increase your score by 200.
JJMnDBK Item Gem Large.png Collect the large gems to earn 500 points.
JJMnDBK Item Tamashi.png Tamashi's are the departing souls of defeated enemies. Collect them to earn anywhere from 200 to 1000 points. You will earn an extra life for collecting 50 of these.
JJMnDBK Item Extra Life.png If you are lucky, you will discover a Jajamaru doll in one of the blocks. Collect it for an extra life.
JJMnDBK Item Flashlight.png This rare item can be activated by pressing A button+B button, and it will turn all of the monsters on the screen into coins. Collect it for 1000 points.
JJMnDBK Item Shuriken.png Collect the shuriken power up and your throwing stars will rip through enemies and travel all the way to the end of the screen for a limited time. Collect it for 1000 points.
JJMnDBK Item Cart.png If you find and touch the cart, you will find yourself rolling through the stage at incredible speed, with the ability to crash into enemies for instant kills. You must still avoid touching bombs. Collect it for 1000 points.
JJMnDBK Item Potion.png Grab the potion whenever you find one to become invisible for a short period of time. Enemies will pass through you harmlessly, but you must still avoid bombs. Potions can be found in blocks, but they also appear sometimes when you bang your head under certain platforms. Collect it for 1000 points.

Ninja Arts[edit]

Collect three items to create a tornado
If you happen to grab three different power-up items (the flashlight, shuriken, cart, or potion), the third one that you collect will not grant you its usual power. Instead, you will activate a powerful ninja tornado. The screen will flash, and Sakura leaves will blow throughout the stage, instantly killing any enemy who makes an appearance while you travel through the stage. It lasts quite a while, and you earn 1000 points for every enemy who is instantly destroyed.
JJMnDBK Item Gamapakkun.png
Jajamaru's giant frog, Gamapakkun, will appear in blocks from time to time. If you find him, touch him and you will be riding on his back, and completely invincible to all enemy attacks. Crash the frog into your enemies to defeat them instantly. He can jump high in the air, but he can't land on any platforms. He merely crosses along the floor. Every tenth stage, Gamapakkun appears automatically to help Jajamaru defeat the Catfish Pirate and rescue Princess Sakura. On those stages, Gamapakkun has the ability to belch fire at the Catfish Pirate. He can only take so many hits from the pirate's bombs before he is done in.