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Stage arrangement[edit]

Jajamaru no Daibouken is broken up into 20 different stages. Once 20 stages have been completed, the game continues with the very first stage, but at a higher level of difficulty. There are two main types of stages, divided evenly between the even stages and the odd stages.

Odd stages[edit]

Odd stages contain most of the action

The odd stages are where a majority of the game play takes place. In the odd stages, you will start on the far left end of the stage, and must run to the right in an effort to reach the exit without getting killed. Along the way, Jajamaru will encounter enemies, most of whom can only kill by hitting Jajamaru with a projectile that they throw, but also a few who can kill him simply by touching him. Jajamaru must fight back and remove any potential threat by throwing his shurikens. Defeated enemies turn into Tamashis; spirits that can be collected for bonus points. If Jajamaru collects 50 of them, he will be awarded with a bonus life. Along the way, Jajamaru can travel over the ground, or jump onto the platforms situated higher up. Many of the platforms contain discolored blocks that can be hit from underneath in order to reveal items. Some items like coins or gems are only good for bonus points, but other items provide Jajamaru with power-ups, and the potential to invoke the Tornado ninja-art if he can collect three distinct power-ups. Each stage has a time limit. If the time limit runs out, the game continues to play, but a flame spirit will appear on the left side of the screen and bounce around, getting closer and closer to Jajamaru each time. The flame cannot be defeated, and will kill Jajamaru if he gets hit by it. The individual odd stages will be described in further detail below.

Even stages[edit]

Battle against Komosou
Battle against Thunder Pants

The even stages are a lot shorter than the odd stages. The first four even stages are a battle with one of the "Big Four" mini-bosses. The fifth even stage is a battle with the Catfish Pirate and is described in more detail below. Every mini-boss battle takes place on the same stage, a short stage that scrolls in both the left and right directions. Jajamaru will throw his shuriken straight up into the air, and must hit the mini-bosses three times in order to cause them to explode, while avoiding the projectiles or beams that they send to the ground. If Jajamaru dies in a battle with a mini-boss, he does not lose a life, but he is not allowed to try again either. Instead, he will be instantly sent to the next stage. In this respect, mini-boss battles are more like bonus stages. They can only help to raise his score, and can't be counted against him. After Stage 10, every mini-boss battle occurs with two of the same mini-boss attacking at one time. Both mini-bosses must be defeated before the time limit in order to claim the bonus.

Catfish Pirate battle[edit]

Battle against the Catfish Pirate

Every tenth stage is a battle against the Catfish Pirate. You will automatically be riding atop your giant frog companion, Gamapakkun. You control Gamapakkun and direct him to leap to the left or to the right, and when to jump high in the air. When you press B button, Gamapakkun will belch a large ball of flame in whatever direction he is facing. You must hit the Catfish Pirate, who also bounces around the stage, with four blasts of fire in order to defeat him and rescue the Princess. To stop you, the pirate will toss a considerable number of bombs at the ground. Gamapakkun will weaken with each hit that he takes, and you will lose a life if Gamapakkun is struck by four bombs before the Catfish Pirate is defeated. Once the battle is over, leap to the right so that the Princess can jump down off the roof and land safely on Gamapakkun.

Odd stages[edit]

Stage 1[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage1.png
Setting Village Length 8 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Plague.png JJMnDBK Enemy Big Tongue.png JJMnDBK Enemy Onigiri.png×1
Notes As the first stage, this stage is very easy. You only need to fear the rocks that the Plagues (infrequently) kick ahead of them, and the extended tongues of the Big Tongues that like to bounce around. At the very end of the stage, one Onigiri will fall from the sky and light several platforms on fire. Be sure to jump safely over the flames, the exit is just ahead.

Stage 3[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage3.png
Setting Woods Length 8 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Onigiri.png JJMnDBK Enemy Noppera.png JJMnDBK Enemy Daruma.png×1
Notes Compared to the first stage, this stage can be surprisingly difficult for players who are not familiar with Jajamaru's jumping ability. The Onigiri that frequent this stage can create havoc for the player by constantly lighting sections of platforms on fire. To make matters worse, the Nopperu are much more aggressive than Plagues as they actively pursue Jajamaru, and bounce around the stage. One Daruma appears near the end of the stage, letting you know the exit is nearby.

Stage 5[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage5.png
Setting City Length 10 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Bee.png JJMnDBK Enemy Skeleton.png JJMnDBK Enemy Skull.png JJMnDBK Enemy Kitsune.png
Notes Stage five can become rather busy at times, with up to four different enemies appearing throughout the stage. The most annoying one by far will be the Bee, who can't kill you, but can stun you and make it far easier for the other enemies to kill you. Both Kitsunes and Skulls are deadly to touch, but they appear far less frequently than Headbones. Kill the Bees and Kitsunes as soon as you get a chance, and stay off the ground when Skulls roll through.

Stage 7[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage7.png
Setting Dungeon Length 10 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Musibarasu.png JJMnDBK Enemy Terror.png JJMnDBK Enemy Bee.png×1
Notes After stage five, this stage is a little easier to deal with. The Musibarasu are no more difficult to deal with than the Headbones from stage five, and there are no other serious threats. Terrors line the stage, and they can be dispatched with 16 shurikens, but it's better to patiently wait in front of them and jump over them after they erupt. Just when you think you are close to exiting the level, one lone bee arrives to ruin your day. Get rid of him if you can.

Stage 9[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage9.png
Setting Park Length 12 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Daruma.png JJMnDBK Enemy Priest.png JJMnDBK Enemy Onigiri.png×1
Notes Starting with stage nine, every stage will be 12 screens long, so you will have a bit farther to travel in order to reach the exit. On top of that, stage 9 is challenging because it contains many ponds that you can fall into a die. You must time your jumps carefully, and avoid falling into any bodies of water. Darumas and Priests will hound you all the way through the stage, and one Onigiri will appear at the end of the stage. The next stage will be your first fight with the Catfish Pirate.

Stage 11[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage11.png
Setting Graveyard Length 12 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Ghost Girl.png JJMnDBK Enemy 100 Eyes.png JJMnDBK Enemy Paper Lantern.png
Notes This graveyard stage can be a tad difficult to get through if you aren't prepared to deal with the Paper Lanterns. They come alive whenever Jajamaru gets close enough to one on the screen, and float through the stage. If they touch Jajamaru, he will die. Since they can't fire at him, you should have no fear of lining up a shot at a Paper Lantern well in advance and taking it out. You only need to beware of the other Ghost Girls and 100 Eyes coming around while you're preparing to attack the lanterns.

Stage 13[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage13.png
Setting Cave Length 12 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Tanooki.png JJMnDBK Enemy 100 Eyes.png JJMnDBK Enemy Rokuko.png
Notes This cave stage is a little easier than the graveyard stages in some ways, and a little harder in others. It's easier because the Paper Lanterns are replaced by Rokukos, who are easy to avoid and easier to kill. Just wait for them to extend their neck, and attack their head when it comes in range. However, it's harder because the Ghost Girls are replaced with impossible-to-kill Tanookis. While you can't kill them, you can stun them and force them to scroll off the screen while they are frozen.

Stage 15[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage15.png
Setting City II Length 12 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Bee.png JJMnDBK Enemy Skeleton.png JJMnDBK Enemy Skull.png JJMnDBK Enemy Hebimaru.png
Notes Your second visit to a City stage will be very much like your first. All of the same enemies (including the annoying Bee) are back with one exception. The Kitsune is replaced by the Hebimaru. This is both good and bad. It's good because Hebimarus have no projectile attack, unlike Kitsunes. However, it's bad because Hebimarus appear more frequently and are slightly more aggressive. If one begins to home in on your position, make sure you deal with it as quickly as possible.

Stage 17[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage17.png
Setting Woods II Length 12 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Plague.png JJMnDBK Enemy Priest.png JJMnDBK Enemy Umbrella.png JJMnDBK Enemy Onigiri.png JJMnDBK Enemy Big Tongue.png×1
Notes If you include the single Big Tongue that appears near the end of the stage, the second visit to the Woods contains the widest assortment of enemies out of every stage. You can avoid the Plagues by staying off the ground as much as possible, but the Priests will chase after you in the platforms, and the Onigiri may burn the path ahead of you. In addition to that, you'll encounter a lone Karakassa umbrella every now and then. By themselve, they represent very little threat, but if you are distracted by other enemies, you may be surprised to receive a sandal to the head.

Stage 19[edit]

JJMnDBK Stage19.png
Setting Park II Length 12 screens
Enemies JJMnDBK Enemy Tanooki.png JJMnDBK Enemy 100 Eyes.png JJMnDBK Enemy Tree Child.png JJMnDBK Enemy Paper Lantern.png
Notes This stage is probably the most challenging stage in terms of jumping. There are entire lakes that are wider than the screen that you must carefully leap over in order to survive. Stunable Tanookis abound, as well as pesky 100 Eyes, but the real threat are the Paper Lanterns that can instantly kill with a single touch. You will also encounter Tree Children, which behave a lot like Terrors, but they can be killed much more easily. It only takes five shurikens to remove them and is usually worth your while. They can also be shoved off a platform, but this is sometimes more trouble than it's worth.