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There are 5 types of Eco in the game Green, Blue, Red, Yellow, and Dark Eco. Touching a piece of Blue, Red, or Yellow Eco will add it to your Eco Meter. The Eco Meter steadily drains after touching pieces of Eco and the effects of Eco are only for the last color touched. If you are powered up by one form of Eco, then touch a different color of Eco, the Eco meter resets to the new color.

  • Green Eco – You will be able to find this in crates, laying on the ground, or coming out of Green Eco vents. Green Eco restores Jak’s health. Collect 50 small orbs or one big orb to restore one piece of health. If you walk into a Green Eco vent all of your health will be restored.
  • Blue Eco - This appears naturally in strategic locations all over. The Blue Eco increases Jak's speed. While powered up with Blue Eco, nearby Orbs and Eco glow blue then gravitate towards Jak. Nearby boxes will also glow blue, shake, then break the closer Jak gets to them. Blue Eco activates Blue Eco devices when nearby, as well as activates Blue Eco platforms on contact.
  • Red Eco - This appears in several places naturally or after opening certain boxes. The effect of Red Eco is to increase Jak’s attack power. This form of Eco is rare compared to the other four types.
  • Yellow Eco – Yellow Eco appears naturally; you can also find it in boxes, or in Yellow Eco vents. Yellow Eco allows Jak to shoot a ball of Yellow Eco power from his fist when he punches. When charged up with Yellow Eco, you can aim more precisely by activating Jak’s goggles.
  • Dark Eco - This form of Eco is toxic. Contact with a box of Dark Eco will cause the box to explode and take 1 unit of health. Contact with the Dark Eco in large quantities, such as in pools of it, will kill Jak if he falls in.