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The entrance to the Forbidden Jungle is located by farmer Zebs house. Go through hole in the cliff on the beach, climb the cliff on the other side of the hole to gain access to the Forbidden Jungle.

Connect the Eco Beams[edit]

Talk to the Mayor of Sandover Village he will tell you that the Eco beam powering the village has been disrupted if. He goes on to say that if you restore power he will give you a power cell as payment. When you get to the Forbidden Jungle you will find a a machine that is being powered by a blue Eco beam. Daxter suggests that you break the mirror on top of the machine directing the Eco. Before breaking the mirror, step into the beam, then run to the Precursor door located on the Temple by the machine. THis give you an easier way to get this Power Cell. After breaking the mirror a mirror tower rises into the air. Drop down from the machine and go up to the tower and press circle. Line up the Eco beam to the next mirror tower by following a small triangle in the view finder to help line up the beam. Follow the beam to the next tower and repeat until you finish there are five towers total. After you line up the the last mirror run back to the Mayor to get your power cell.

Get to the top of the Temple[edit]

All you have to do is make sure you are full of blue eco all the time. Start on the ledge opposite the temple door and then charge up with blue eco and then go near the ledge and bridge should form... cross it and then open the door. When you are in just make your way up on the platforms to the top. There are 2 scout flies in the tower. And when you have climbed all the platforms you will reach the top of the temple and and will gain a power cell and a pretty good view. Then push the button and make your way into the temple...

Find the Blue Vent Switch[edit]

Defeat the Dark Eco Plant[edit]

Catch 200 Pounds of Fish[edit]

Talk to the fisherman at the bottom of the canyon. He is located on a bridge near a waterfall. The fisherman asks you to catch 200 pounds of fish and in return he will give you a power cell`. There are three kinds of fish in the river; a small green one pound fish, a large yellow five pound fish, and a purple poisonous eel. If you catch even one poisonous eel you will have to start over so try and avoid them. You'll also have to start over if you miss twenty pounds of fish. To catch the fish you are given a net and placed in the center of the bridge. All you have to do is move the net (moving the left analog stick left or right) into the path of the swimming one and five pound fish. Catch all 200 pounds of fish the fisherman gives you his power cell and he also will let you take his boat located at the docks in Sandover Village to Misty Island.

Follow the Canyon to the Sea[edit]

When you stop the machine transferring the eco beam, jump down to the river where lurkers, blue eco and precursor metals are. Turn round and follow the river to the cliff where you just jumped down and it will lead you to the mouth of the river and you will find a powercell.

Open the Locked Temple Door[edit]

You need blue eco to open the door with the power cell in it. So jump down to where you got the power cell by the river and you will find blue eco clusters... take all three and jump up on the bounce pad and RUN!!! to the door and hopefully it should open. IF this is to difficult go to the co vent when you have activated the switch in the temple and then charge up with the eco and run to the bounce pad and you should have more than enough eco to open the door when you get near it.

Free 7 Scout Flies[edit]