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To gain access to Rock Village you first have to ride the zoomer through Fire Canyon from Sandover Village. When you first arrive at Rock Village you need to go into the Blue Sage's house which is located near Fire Canyon. Once inside activate the warp gate so that Samos and Kira may join you. Hit the button on the on floor next to the warp gate to activate it.

Bring 90 Orbs to the Gambler[edit]

The Gambler is on the covered pier next to the crying Warrior. When you talk to him he will tell you that he lost a bet and lost all of his money. He will ask you for 90 precursor orbs to get him out of his barrel for a power cell. He will also tell you to win a time trial race in precursor basin for another power cell. Gets done talking give him the 90 for his first power cell.

Bring 90 Orbs to the Geologist[edit]

The Geologist is standing underneath a small wooden roof with boxes and barrels. When you speak to her she will tell you that some lighting moles have gotten scared out of their holes by some lurkers and asks for your help for a power cell as a reward. She will also say if you bring her 90 precursor orbs for her research and she will give you a power cell in return. Give here the orbs, if you have enough, for the power cell.

Bring 90 Orbs to the Warrior[edit]

The Warrior is located in the covered pier sobbing next to the Gambler. The Warrior removed some of the pontoons so that Klaw (a large lurker that is throwing flaming boulders at the village) can’t beat him up again. He will tell you to bring him 90 precursor orbs and he will put the pontoons back, which will allow you to reach the Boggy Swamp and the entrance to the Mountain Pass where you must defeat Klaw later on. After you give him the orbs he puts back the pontoons, and you get a power cell.

It is important that you not try and swim to the pontoons in the distance if you haven’t paid the Warrior. If you do a lurker shark will eat you before you make it across.

Bring 240 Orbs to the Rock Village Oracle[edit]

The Rock Village Oracle is located near the path close to where you jump up to the blue Sages lab. Talk to it and it will tell you the same thing as the Sandover Village Oracle. It will tell you to give it 120 precursor orbs for each of the power cells it contains. It only has two of power cells for a total of 240 precursor orbs. If you have the orbs pay the Oracle. If not go search for enough precursor orbs.

Free 7 Scout Flies[edit]