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Q device Purpose
Q-Claw Essentially a grappling hook used to reach high or far away areas.
Q-Decryptor Has the ability to open locks and access computer files.
Q-Remote Can open doors and has the ability to download and send programs.
Q-Camera Pocket sized camera.
Q-Specs X-Ray glasses.
Q-Laser Burns through locks, vents, and doors.
Q-Jet A rocket that gives a quick boost of upward thrust.
Q-Card An access card that can unlock any door requiring a keycard.

Vehicle gadgets[edit]

Q device Purpose
Q-Pulse Disables nearby cars with an EMP.
Q-Slick Creates an oil slick on the road.
Q-Boost Gives your car a burst of speed.
Q-Vision Thermal goggles.
Q-Smoke Creates a smokescreen to disorient enemies.