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Weapons you can get in this level: KA-57S, CH-6

When you start the level, look to your left. There should be a helicopter with a guard in it. You can either shoot the guard in it or destroy the helicopter itself (killing the guard saves ammo). Zoom in up ahead after that and another helicopter should appear, this time shooting missiles. Take it down by repeatedly shooting it in the cockpit. After that you have a few seconds to enjoy the scenery before you have to turn around and shoot a car with a guard in it. After the car, look back ahead. An armored car should enter the scene, and the only way to destroy it is to shoot it's tires. Zoe should then turn right and cross two intersections (both of the intersections should have cars with guards in them. Turn around and destroy them.) Turn around quickly just as Zoe says "James, there's a roadblock up ahead". You can either shoot the cars or sit and watch, because the car takes a turn left before the roadblock. But as soon as you leave the alley, look out and shoot the guard at the end with a CH-6 (he's hard to notice as he blends in with the civilians). Zoe should then enter a warehouse...