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The first level.

You have just entered the main area in the above image. The game begins in Hong Kong.

Weapons you can get in this level: P2K, KS7, MRL-22, Frinesi, SSR 4000, Grenades

Enemies in this level: Identicon Guards

When you start the mission, there will be two ways to get into the building. You can use your Q-Claw to rappel up to the roof or use your Q-Decrypter to open the door automatically (although doing the latter will alert the guards inside of the building of your presence). If you chose to go on the roof, go right and follow the walkway to the end. There should be a small opening which you can fit through if you crouch, turn around and shoot the guard at the computer, then jump down and turn around opposite the dead guard. Walk either to the left or right elevator and activate it, it will send you down to another room with a guard. As soon as you see the guard, kill him and take his KS7 (you'll need it for later). Take a right, and use your Q-Laser to burn the lock off of the gate to open it. Keep going straight forward and take another right to encounter a set of guards hiding behind crates and barrels. Bond should say "Hmmm.... fireworks", which should give you the que to shoot the explosive barrels on the forklift, killing all the guards in the area. Take yet another right and there should be a small area to the left, and a crate to the right. Stop here, and look up. There should be a crate suspended in the air by a crane. Shoot the rope holding the crate, and it should land on the guard hiding behind the other crate, instantly killing him (and earning you a Bond move). There should be a cutscene of three guards coming from the narrow hallway to the right. Go down the hallway and gun them down (it would be wise to reload right now, if you already haven't). After the narrow hallway, take another right turn to see a room full of plants. A guard should yell "Turn off the lights!" and the room will go dark (and a whole bunch of guards should start firing at you}. Don't worry, just take cover behind the plants and move carefully around the room. At the end of the maze, kill all the guards and carefully walk to the next room. Take a sharp left and shoot the guard coming out from behind the crate. Take his ammo for your KS7 (if you haven't run out ammo for your pistol yet), you may want to take out your KS7 now. Take the suitcase to the right and enter the next room. When it finishes loading, make your way up the stairs and to the left. Here should be the final part of the level, a submarine pen. When you enter the walkway, there should a guard with a SSR 4000 pointing to Zoe. Take him out and (if you want to), skip the cutscene. Make your way around the walkway and down another set of stairs (where a timer should be starting at four minutes). Quickly take the elevator down to the pen itself (where yet again the guards are alarmed to your presence). An easy way to save ammo is to shoot all the explosive barrels, killing the guards easily. If not, turn around each corner to make sure all the guards are dead, then get to the submarine, and use your Q-Laser to unlock Zoe from the pole. Mission Complete.

Cutscene: Bond and Zoe run to the elevator, with guards chasing them. The elevator closes in time and Bond and Zoe have a discussion on how their "going to make up for this".

Gold Unlockable: Golden Gun

Platinum Unlockable: Rocket Manor