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Agent Under Fire name Real name
Wolfram P2K Walther P99
IAC Defender Desert Eagle
Koffler & Stock KS7 Heckler & Koch MP5K
Ingalls Type-20 Uzi
Munitions Belgique PS100 P90
Kazakovich KA-57 AK-47
FSU-4 M16A2 (or M4 Carbine) w/ grenade launcher attachment


  • Walther P99 as Wolfram P2K
    The P2K is James Bond's main starting weapon in (almost) every mission of 007: Agent Under Fire. It has a low clip, but makes up for it with moderate damage that can kill a guard in a few shots. Although it is Bond's main gun, it would be a good choice to stow it away with a different weapon (unless that weapon is stronger than the P2K and has less ammo). There is also an upgraded version, dubbed the 'Golden Gun', although it is just a stronger P2K with a silencer.
  • Windsor Viper
    This revolver has a good power but a low rate of fire. It is quite rare as it appears only in 1-2 levels.
    Appears in: Night Of The Jackal, Poseidon.
  • Desert Eagle as IAC Defender
    Much like the Viper although in much more levels, it is quicker albeit less accurate than the Viper.
    Appears in: Bad Diplomacy(Unusable), Cold Reception, Fire & Water, Mediterranean Crisis, Evil Summit.
  • Dartgun
    Only available in Bad Diplomacy, it can kill in one shot.
  • Golden Gun (Gold plated Wolfram P2K)

Submachine Guns[edit]

  • H&K MP5 as Koffler & Stock KS7
    Available soon, this SMG has a decent fire rate but low power, accuracy and clip size.
    Appears in: Trouble In Paradise, Bad Diplomacy(Unusable), Cold Reception.
  • MAC-11 as Ingalls Type 20
    This SMG is like an upgrade from the KS7, with decent power and a larger clip size. Still, it is inaccurate at long ranges.
    Appears in: Night Of The Jackal.
  • Calypso P-750
    Boasting a 80-round clip, this weapon fires faster than hell but has awful accuracy. Lethal at close range.
    Appears in: Fire & Water
  • FN P90 as Munitions Belgique PS100
    A great SMG with good power, accurate if fired in bursts and a good rate of fire for CQB. It appears only in later levels though.
    Appears in: Poseidon, Mediterranean Crisis, Evil Summit.

Automatic Rifles[edit]

  • AK-47 as Kazakovich KA-57
    The KA-57 is a kind of Rifle version of the KS-7 : Slower iring rate but higher power and accuracy. It is however outclassed by some weapons.
    Appears in: Cold Reception, Night Of The Jackal.
  • M16 rifle (w/ M203 underbarrel Grenade launcher) as FSU-4
    Appearing in later levels, this common assault rifle is balanced and very efficient. The underbarreled GL can get rid of grouped enmies quickly.
    Appears in: Night Of The Jackal, Fire & Water.
  • Steyr AUG as UGW
    This scoped rifle is the most accurate automatic weapon, otherwise it is kinda like the FSU-4.
    Appears in: Poseidon, Mediterranean Crisis.
  • Heckler & Koch G11 as D17 Defender
    An UGW with upgraded clip and good power, yet a little bit less accurate.
    Appears in: Evil Summit.

Car weapons[edit]

On levels where you are shooting out of a moving vehicle, you have a two weapons at your disposal, but you can find two more in some levels.

  • KA-57S: The car levels standard weapon. Can fire Automatic and kills most enemies quickly.
    Appears in: Precious Cargo, Forbidden Depths.
  • Shotgun: Strangely enough, this shotgun is very accurate and behaves more like a pump rifle than an actual shotgun.
    Appears in: Precious Cargo, Forbidden Depths.
  • CH-6: A very powerful rocket launcher. It is possible to acquire a gold version with unlimited ammo.
    Appears in: Precious Cargo.
  • RCH-1: A TV guided missile, same power, reload animation and appearance (except for a red missile guiding sight) as CH-6
    Appears in: Forbidden Depths.

Other weapons[edit]

  • Fists
  • Franchi SPAS-12 as Frinesi Special 12
    This shotgun is... a shotgun. It is very efficient at close range but using it at long range is a waste of ammo. In MP it can switch to an automatic shotgun, faster but less powerful.
    Appears in: Trouble in Paradise, Cold Reception, Night Of The Jackal, Mediterranean Crisis.
  • SIG-Sauer SSG 3000 as SWZ SSR4000
    This is the sniper rifle of the game. Kills most enemies in one shot, and headshots can quickly get rid of bosses. However it has to be cocked between every shot. In singleplayer, enemy snipers use a laser sight to identify where they are and where they're watching.
    Appears in: Trouble in Paradise, Cold Reception, Night Of The Jackal, Fire & Water, Poseidon, Mediterranean Crisis, Evil Summit.
  • Grenades
    Appears in: Trouble in Paradise, Cold Reception, Night Of The Jackal, Fire & Water, Poseidon, Mediterranean Crisis, Evil Summit.
  • Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon
    Appears in: Fire & Water, Mediterranean Crisis.

Multiplayer weapons[edit]

  • Milkor MGL (grenade launcher)
  • Mines
  • Photon Cannon