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Game options[edit]

Entries in this menu generally controls automation of some tasks, although the first one in the list makes the game significantly easier by reducing launch time of aircraft. If playing a multiplayer game, these options may be disabled by the host.

  • Quick Aircraft Launch: If enabled, reduces the launch time of aircraft from 30 minutes/15 minutes/5 minutes to 30 seconds/15 seconds/5 seconds. Defaults to ON.
  • On-demand Sub Comms: If enabled, you can give orders to submarines any time they are out of combat. Normally, they are only available whenever they make a radio check.
  • Replenish Air Stations: Automatically cycles aircraft on patrol when they run out of fuel or are destroyed. Doesn't apply to aircraft sent on a mission.
  • EMCON at Mission Startup: If enabled, all units start in EMCOM mode, which disables all sensors on the ship, and on aircraft launched by the ship. EMCOM mode can later be toggled with C for individual combat platforms. Defaults to ON, must be changed outside mission.
  • Ships Auto-Engage Incoming Missiles: If enabled, ships will automatically attack incoming missiles. Normally, you need to manually order such an attack for each missile
  • Aircraft Engage Hostiles after Performing VID: If enabled, an air unit will automatically attack hostile units they spor. Otherwise, they will return to their station.
  • Auto-ID Incoming Air Targets: If enabled, any air track approaching at a speed greater than 500 knots is classified as Air Assumed Hostile. Otherwise, they are treated simply as unknown air tracks.

Note: "Show Truth" is documented in the manual, but cannot be activated.

Of these options, less experienced players may want to enable auto-engagement of missiles, as missile attacks are extremely common (and your ships generally have plenty of anti-air missiles.)

Additional gameplay changes may be performed by editing the Fleet Command.ini file in the game directory, under the [Cheats] section.