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Jaseiken Necromancer
Box artwork for Jaseiken Necromancer.
Japanese title邪聖剣ネクロマンサー
Developer(s)Hudson Soft
Publisher(s)Hudson Soft
Release date(s)
TurboGrafx-16 icon.png
System(s)PC Engine, Wii Virtual Console, PlayStation Network
Mode(s)Single player
TwitchJaseiken Necromancer Channel
YouTube GamingJaseiken Necromancer Channel

Jaseiken Necromancer (邪聖剣ネクロマンサー? lit. Evil Sword Necromancer) is an RPG developed and published by Hudson Soft for the PC Engine. It was the first RPG made available for the system. It has also been made available for purchase on the Wii Virtual Console and the PlayStation Network. It was only released in Japan and has never been translated for play in North America or Europe.

Anticipation for the game's release was high in Japan since the Dragon Quest series and Final Fantasy had already wet players' appetites for more RPGs, and the PC Engine was known for having better graphics than the Famicom. The actual reception of the game was somewhat of a letdown. Nevertheless, it did contain some unique features for its time, like the ability to assemble your party from a collection of ready and willing characters, animated monsters in battle, and animated death strikes where enemies spurt blood before they collapse (even those enemies which shouldn't technically have blood.)

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