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Victory: Annihilate all enemies
Defeat: Jeanne falls

Map: Chapel in the Woods
Turns: 10

Allies (2/2)
Leader: Jeanne

Enemies (3)[edit]

Type Gender Weapon Type Level HP MP Attack Defense Accuracy Walk Mov. Magic Atk. Magic Def. Evade Critical Equipment
Orc (x2) Unknown Axe 1 30 10 25 9 80 4 5 5 28 2

Orc Flail
Light Clothing
Therion Shield

Orc Knight Unknown Axe 1 45 20 32 16 95 5 10 8 30 3

Leather Clothing
Therion Shield


Jacques gives Jeanne a Healing Herb to take to the church. He also asks the girls to look for Roger along the way. As they near the church they are attacked by a group of orcs.

Jeanne can attack the first orc from the far side, forcing it to face her to counter. This will open up an attack from the rear, which will allow Liane to kill the orc in the first turn.

The second orc will likely attack Jeanne, causing it to take significant damage from her counter. Jeanne should move down to take on the orc knight while Liane finishes the orc with an attack from the rear.

If necessary, Liane can heal Jeanne (with a Healing Herb) and let her finish off the orc knight.