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This planet-or rather, spaceship-is the first planet Vela goes to in order to find Lupus. In case you've forgotten, last time she saw him, Vela told Juno that she would sneak on board the Sekhmet to get through local defenses and head over to Ichor Military Base in order to find the Spawnship, the machine-slash-spaceship that has been generating Drone after Drone. Knowing that Lupus knew this handy bit of info as well, Vela begins the first leg of her journey in reconciling with him and stopping Mizar. Once again, because this is a new character, you will be starting from scratch: half a ring of health and nothing but a standard pistol.

After watching yet another long cutscene, you should be on the landing pad of the Battle Cruiser (the only area on the Sekhmet). What's unique about this planet is that you can actually save three Tribals and get a weapon in that room before actually engaging in some fierce battle. Be warned, though; Vela's three stages are not exactly as easy as Juno's, so make sure to reload your weapons as often as possible. After talking with Midge-The little blue fellow and Magnus' assistant-you can hop out of the landing pad and head directly behind you. You'll see a chest, so open it to receive...Grenades! These weapons are generally not used very often; in Vela's case, however, they are used greatly on the Sekhmet, especially near the end of the planet. Once you've received your Grenades, you can run around the room a bit and save the Tribals (This is optional; you won't be able to save the Tribals on one run with Vela, because you'll need to come back as Juno, who is the only character who can rescue all of the Tribals on this planet) and get the Weapon Increase crate on top of on of the boxes. Once you're done getting everything, head up on the ramp and turn to your left to start your adventure; ignore the door with green symbol for now.

Sekhmet: Battle Cruiser[edit]

The first-and only-area of the planet.