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Prologue 1[edit]

Destroy all units.

Prologue 2[edit]

Destroy all units.

Stage 1[edit]

Destroy all air units first. After the cutscene, destroy the left propeller and the right propeller on the tanker. If you try to pull another Exxon Valdez by blowing up the ship, you will lose.

Stage 2[edit]

After destroying all units, you will have trouble dealing with the reinforcement("Crimson"). After the cutscene, run. Ignore the enemy.

Stage 3[edit]

Concentrate on the ground units first. If all your team's ground units are destroyed, you lose. Afterwards, fly towards the enemy's base (indicated by the white dot on the radar) while destroying all air units in the way.

Stage 4[edit]

Again, just floor the throttle and run.

Stage 5[edit]

After destroying the boats, a submarine will appear. Since there is a time limit, concentrate on the submarine.

Stage 6[edit]

Destroy the air and ground units, then the air-dropped crates. When the air reenforcement arrives, you only need to destroy the jet in the middle (the one labelled "White").

Stage 7[edit]

After destroying everything, 3 minibosses will appear. After that, 2 more minibosses will appear. You only need to destroy the black plane.

Stage 8[edit]

Destroy ground units first, then the giant flying object. After blowing up the giant object, run.

Stage 9[edit]

Find your downed soldier (indicated by the white dot on the radar) and fly near her to trigger a cutscene with a flare, then destroy the enemy.

Stage 10[edit]

Destroy everything, concentrating on the sea units first. You can only shoot at the submarine when it surfaces.

Stage 11[edit]

Destroy everything.

Stage 12[edit]

Follow your team to the enemy's stronghold. Destroy the air and ground units.

Follow you're team-mate at a low altitude stick to the ground if possible, after you're team-mate turns there should be 2 radar towers to you're left flank and right flank; keep alternating from both targets using the X button, make sure you maintain a minimal distance of 3000+M; at the same time try to maintain a altitude of 1000~1300M; soon after you should be seeing a open field lower your altitude and lay wast to all.

It should be added that while you are supposed to alternate targeting radar towers, you are supposed to just pass them and not shoot them.

Stage 13[edit]

Destroy all units. Some ground units will be in the valley. Using bombs will make it easier.

Stage 14[edit]

The enemy will use electronic jammers. Note the location and range of the jammers on the radar and destroy them by shooting at them from the back.

Stage 15[edit]

Protect your base by destroying all units. Concentrate on the ground units first. After the cut scene, destroy the 3 bridges. You don't need to shoot at the tanks on the bridge because destroying the bridge will cause them to die as well. Destroy the remaining air and ground units. An aircraft-carrier-on-wheels will appear. When you destroy it, the enemy general will try to escape. Shoot it down to win.

Stage 16[edit]

Keep below 1000m at first or bad things will happen. Destroy one plane first. Follow the river and you will eventually meet your second target. After the mission update, you can fly above 1000m to destroy everything.

Stage 17[edit]

First, destroy all the jammers and try to ignore the laser guns and the jets. If you lose too much health, you might get AA so try not to get too many hits. After destroying all the jammers, the final boss will appear. Ignore the Laser UFOs, and just destroy all the laser cannons on the mothership. Use the power missile (the one under the key of the normal missile). After that the weak spot will appear. It looks like a gray circle under the mothership. Approach it from beneath. You can use the power missiles to destroy the boost. When the Mothership is destroyed, the evil dictator will try to escape. Shoot it down to win. Try to use the normal missiles when you shoot the escape pod. Four shots will destroy it.