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Super Story Mode follows the adventures of Jotaro Kujo and his comrades to defeat the evil Dio. The storyline is based off of the manga, and makes a whole lot more sense if you've read it. There are three different types of stages in Super Story Mode: VS Mode, which is the usual 1v1 fighting-game gameplay, Mini-Game, unique challenges with specific requirements, and Adventure, which follows a visual-novel format with quick-time events. Every stage gives you a maximum of 50 points, based off of how well you fought and the "Secret Factor". To get that, you have to fulfill a requirement that mirrors the way things happened in the manga. There are 39 parts to the whole thing, the last 4 being extra and very difficult. Good luck!

Point System Breakdown[edit | edit source]

Traditional Fighting Levels:

  1. Vital: 15 Points
  2. Time: 15 Points
  3. Condition Move: 10 Points
  4. Secret Factor: 10 Points

Adventure Levels:

  1. Vital: 20 Points
  2. Success Reaction: 20 Points
  3. Secret Factor: 10 Points

Chapter 1: Magician of flames[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Thanks to you, I'm a free man!
Win the fight with Jotaro outside of the cell (far right side of the stage).

VS Mode Stage: Jotaro VS Avdol

Here we meet our protagonist, Jotaro Kujo, who's locked himself in a jail cell, claiming there's an evil spirit possessing him. His grandfather, Joseph, will have none of this, so he gets his friend Avdol to get him out. Avdol summons his own spirit and smashes the bars of Jotaro's cell, provoking his anger.

Since this is the first fight, it's pretty simple. Try using a Super Move to take out some of Avdol's health early, then finish him off on the right part of the stage.

After the fight, Joseph explains that the three of them all have the ability to summon a spirit with unique powers called Stands, named after their tendency of standing by the user. This power awakened in the Joestar bloodline after the coffin of a man named DIO was brought out from the bottom of the sea. Full name Dio Brando, this guy is an immortal vampire that holds a vendetta against the Joestars ever since he'd previously clashed with Joseph's grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, 100 years prior (for more context, check out the first part of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure manga, Phantom Blood).

Chapter 2: Who's going to judge this!?[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
It is my Stand that judges you!
Win the fight with Jotaro's Puttsun Ora super (+).

VS Mode Stage: Jotaro VS Kakyoin

The next day, Jotaro decides to go to the nurses' office. Seeing the nurse unconscious on the floor, he encounters a red-haired boy in green, Noriaki Kakyoin, a fellow student that's currently being controlled by DIO. Kakyoin summons his Stand, Hierophant Green, and Jotaro comments that it looks nasty, like a melon. Either way, it's time to go!

This fight is as easy as the first one. Although Hierophant is long-range, it's still pretty weak. Just be sure to avoid his Emerald Splash attack.

After the fight, Jotaro uses his Stand, Star Platinum, to take the "evil implant" controlling Kakyoin out of his brain, for reasons even he's unsure of. Later, Jotaro discovers that his mother Holley's developed a Stand of her own, and it's slowly killing her due to her pacifistic nature! Asking his grandfather Joseph what he can do to save her, Jotaro learns that he must kill his family's nemesis, DIO, to release the deadly curse plaguing Holley. Learning of his location from a fly captured in a photo of the vampire taken with Joseph's Stand, Hermit Purple, Jotaro, Joseph, Avdol, and the newly-reformed Kakyoin board a plane to where DIO resides, in Egypt.

Chapter 3: Attack of the bizarre insect![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
You were destined to lose!
Win the fight with Kakyoin's India's Arm super (+).

VS Mode Stage: Kakyoin VS Tower of Gray

While on the plane to Egypt, our four heroes encounter a giant stag beetle Stand named Tower of Gray. Jotaro tries to attack it, but the beetle proves to be even faster than Star Platinum. As Tower of Gray cuts off the tongues of the passengers, an old man wakes up from all the noise, and Kakyoin knocks him out to save him from the enemy Stand, stepping forth to face this new foe.

Tower of Gray is a pain and a half. He's super quick and has quite a few combo attacks that don't leave you any room to get an attack in. Your best bet is to probably keep your distance and use Emerald Splash to get its health down low, and finish it off with India's Arm to get the secret factor. It explodes in a fountain of blood.

As it turns out, the old man, Gray Fly, was the user of Tower of Gray... and unfortunately, he's already killed the pilot. Joseph is told to take control of the plane, to which he responds that he's only done it twice before. What are the chances of crashing three times in your lifetime, right?

Chapter 4: The knight's code[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
It's impossible to escape my attack!
Win the fight with Avdol's Cross Fire Hurricane Special super (+).

VS Mode Stage: Avdol VS Polnareff

Arriving in Hong Kong, our heroes come upon a Frenchman, Jean-Pierre Polnareff, who challenges Avdol, predicting that he will be killed by his own Stand. Accepting the challenge by himself, Avdol prepares to use the open area to his advantage to unleash the full might of Magician's Red.

After the fight, the defeated Polnareff makes another prediction that he'll be consumed by Avdol's flames, and calmly accepts his fate. Realizing that he is another pawn of DIO, Avdol spares Polnareff, and has Jotaro remove the "evil implant" controlling him.

Chapter 5: Trap of the sea road[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
You were the one who was sliced!
Clear the stage without missing a QTE.

Adventure Stage: VS Dark Blue Moon

Welcome to the first Adventure stage of Super Story mode! Unlike the previous stages, these chapters follow a visual-novel format with voiced cutscenes and the occasional quick-time event where you'll have to push the direction that flashes green. The timing for these is surprisingly tight, but you'll get a Secret Factor in every Adventure stage for not missing a single one. As this is the first Adventure stage, the QTEs here are fairly simple, and will only require you to push left or right.

As the Joestar group embarks on a boat for Singapore, trouble begins to brew on deck; turns out a young girl has stowed away with them! She jumps overboard into the sea to escape the sailor attempting to apprehend her, but he notes that there are sharks in the area... Jotaro jumps into the water and saves her, but something's approaching them from underwater!

Quick Time Event

Fortunately, it's Kakyoin to the rescue, as he pulls Jotaro and the girl out of the water with Hierophant Green's tentacle. The group realizes that the underwater creature was in fact a Stand, and as they wonder where its wielder could be, the captain of the ship threatens to arrest the girl, and admonishes Jotaro for smoking on-deck. Jotaro, however, accuses him of not being the real captain, and claims that he's discovered a method of determining who is a Stand user: whenever a Stand user inhales smoke, a vein appears on their nose. As the other heroes check their noses, so too does the captain, and Polnareff chides Jotaro for the ridiculousness of his claim, though Jotaro reveal that he was indeed making it up, and his suspicions have been confirmed. Realizing that he's accidentally outed himself, the fake captain reveals himself to be the wielder of the underwater Stand, Dark Blue Moon, attempting to take the girl hostage as he jumps overboard!

Quick Time Event

Jotaro jumps out after him, and the fake captain is pummeled by Star Platinum before either of them even hit the water. However, Jotaro has no time to rest, as he is then pulled underneath the waves! As he faces off against the fake captain in Dark Blue Moon's underwater domain, a whirlpool forms around them, and the enemy Stand prepares to strike...!

Quick Time Event

Star Platinum then performs its Star Finger technique, extending its fingers to pierce Dark Blue Moon's head, and Jotaro leaves the fake captain to drown as he returns to the ship.

Chapter 6: Empty ship and a monkey[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I didn't want to make it hard...
Clear the stage without hitting the stowaway girl.

Mini-Game Stage: Jotaro VS Forever

Forced to disembark their now-captainless boat via lifeboat, our heroes encounter a large freighter on the open sea. As they board the ship, they notice that it seems oddly devoid of life, save for a lone orangutan that emerges from the ceiling. Sensing something strange about the ape, Jotaro decides to attack.

The first mini-game stage of Super Story Mode is a Whack-a-Mole-style affair, where your goal is to attack the orangutan, Forever, and any propellers, pipes, and metal plates he launches at you, which will damage you. Move the cursor with Neutral dpad, and attack with Circle button. If you're quick, you can hit Forever several times in a row. Occasionally the stowaway girl will also appear; take care not to hit her, or you'll take damage (you'll earn a Secret Factor if you don't hit her at all for the whole stage). Once you reduce Forever's health to zero, the stage is cleared.

As Jotaro expresses his disbelief that the entire freighter was Forever's Stand, the stowaway girl notices that the ship is beginning to bend and distort. Realizing that Forever's ship Stand is beginning to sink with its user's defeat, Jotaro decides to flee with her and his allies back to the lifeboat they arrived on.

Chapter 7: Release your hatred![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I spit upon you a million times!
Win the fight with Polnareff's Million Pricks special ().

VS Mode Stage: Polnareff VS Devo (D'Bo)

With our heroes having arrived in Singapore and checked into a hotel, Polnareff sees various food items on top of his hotel room's minifridge, calling for his enemy to show himself. A scarred man promptly emerges from the minifridge, and Polnareff asks his name. Introducing himself as Devo the Cursed, he tries to attack, but Silver Chariot strikes first. However, Devo claims that Polnareff is now cursed by his hatred, as his Stand, Ebony Devil, possesses a doll behind him.

After the fight, Polnareff interrogates Devo about a man he's looking for, who has two right hands. However, Devo refuses to talk, and so the Frenchman wastes no time in finishing him off.

Chapter 8: Temperance, the man-eater[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Rero rero rero rero rero rero!
Have Rubber Soul perform a taunt.

VS Mode Stage: Jotaro VS Rubber Soul (Robber Soul)

Meanwhile, inside the city, Kakyoin suddenly punches Jotaro, laughing it off as a joke. Believing that Kakyoin is being controlled, Jotaro returns the favor... and discovers that his form itself is a Stand! Explaining that Yellow Temperance is a mimicry Stand that can be both seen and felt, its user, Rubber Soul, reveals his true form, taunting Jotaro with his supposed good looks.

Interrogating Rubber Soul, Jotaro learns that there are four more enemy Stand users waiting for them, with their Stands of Death, Empress, Hanged Man, and Emperor. Furthermore, the man who killed Polnareff's sister is among them, and his Stand's ability relates to mirrors. Jotaro decides that he has to tell Polnareff this new information, and turns away... prompting Rubber Soul to attempt a sneak attack! For his trouble, Star Platinum pummels him senseless.

Chapter 9: Wandering Emperor[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
You! Come back here!
Win the fight via Time Over.

VS Mode Stage: Polnareff VS Hol Horse

Arriving in Calcutta, Polnareff is challenged by a gunslinger, Hol Horse. Asking him about the double-right-handed man, the Frenchman learns that said man is actually Hol's partner! He refuses to elaborate further, only saying that the gun he wields, Emperor, is his Stand. Unfazed, Polnareff prepares to deflect the bullet with Silver Chariot's rapier... but it curves around the blade! Avdol saves him from the bullet's path, chiding him for his recklessness in fighting alone, and gets ready to burn away the returning bullet with Magician's Red, but is distracted by another Stand emerging from a nearby puddle... and is hit in the head by the bullet! As Kakyoin arrives, Polnareff remarks that he hates seeing a friend die in vain, and Hol Horse taunts him over Avdol's demise. Despite Kakyoin urging him to ignore Hol's words and retreat, the Frenchman refuses to back down, especially after the Stand from the puddle reemerges and taunts him, and Polnareff realizes that it must be the Stand of J. Geil (J. Gail), the man with two right hands that he's been searching for.

After mistaking an ordinary man for him, Polnareff and Kakyoin finally track down J. Geil, who calls over a crowd of beggars to have Hanged Man attack from, hiding within the reflections of their eyes. Fortunately, Kakyoin has the idea of throwing a coin into the air, focusing every beggar's attention at a single point. With Polnareff kicking sand into a beggar's eyes and Silver Chariot slicing apart Hanged Man as it travels to the coin, J. Geil is now defenseless, and Polnareff viscously takes his revenge for his sister's and Avdol's deaths. The double-right-handed man's corpse is launch into a nearby fence, hanging by one ankle, and Kakyoin remarks that J. Geil is now a hanged man himself.

Chapter 10: Biting the hand that feeds...[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Stop your pathetic whining!
Clear the stage without missing a QTE.

Adventure Stage: Joseph VS Empress

On the way to Varanasi, Joseph develops an unusual mass on his arm, and goes to see a doctor about it. The doctor determines, despite Joseph's protests, that the arm will have to be amputated lest the infection spreads. However, before he can do so, the doctor is suddenly killed, and the mass speaks to Joseph, revealing itself to be a Stand called Empress! A nurse then enters and discovers the doctor's body, and Empress promptly frames Joseph for the murder. As Joseph flees the building, local police appear and fire on him!

Quick Time Event

Evading the gunfire, Joseph realizes that he'll have to deal with this Stand quickly now that he's wanted by the police. At that moment, Empress feeds on the flesh in his arm, growing into a humanoid upper half, and throws a barrage of punches at him!

Quick Time Event

Joseph blocks the punches with his other hand, but has no time to rest, as Empress swings at him again!

Quick Time Event

This pummeling is also blocked by Joseph, but Empress goes for a third barrage, now aiming at his neck!

Quick Time Event

The force of this attack briefly knocks Joseph down, and as he recovers and keeps running, Empress mocks him for running away from his allies. Joseph, however, reveals that his running was not aimless, and he dunks Empress inside a barrel of tar! Though this doesn't drown the enemy Stand, she is soon immobilized as the tar hardens, and as Empress wonders how Joseph knew of the barrel's location, she realizes that Joseph had knocked down a jar of ash with his earlier fall, and the powers of Hermit Purple had arranged it into a map for him to follow. With this, Joseph wraps the vines of his Stand around Empress, and rips her apart.

Chapter 11: Deadly traffic[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
You must create a path yourself.
Clear the stage without missing a QTE.

Adventure Stage: VS ZZ

Driving through a mountain road on the way to Delhi, a car they pass begins to honk behind them, and Joseph tells Polnareff to pull over and let them pass. As the other car does so, it then begins to slow down, much to Polnareff's frustration. As the group wonders who the driver could be, as the windows are darkened, the driver stick his hand out and signals for them to pass, which Polnareff gladly does... right into the path of an oncoming truck!

Quick Time Event

Jotaro quickly uses Star Platinum to punch the truck out of their way, and Polnareff decides to chase after the driver who attempted to trick them into an accident. His car, however, moves quite quickly through the mountain path, and the heroes are unable to catch up with him. Eventually, they stop at the edge of a cliff, with the other driver nowhere in sight... until his car smashes into them from behind, attempting to push them over! Polnareff finds their car unable to resist, and the heroes plunge over the edge...

Quick Time Event

...until Kakyoin saves them by deftly wrapping Hierophant Green's tentacle around the other car's wire winch! Star Platinum then pulls them up, and the heroes escape as both cars plunge down the mountainside. From this height, Polnareff believes the other driver's fate to be sealed... until the other car suddenly re-emerges from underground! As the driver reveals his car to actually be his Stand, Wheel of Fortune, the Stand transforms and attacks!

Quick Time Event

With Star Platinum, Jotaro pulls Kakyoin and Polnareff out of the way of Wheel of Fortune's attack. However, he gets splashed with gasoline, and the enemy Stand attempts to use an electric spark to set him on fire!

Quick Time Event

As Jotaro seemingly goes up in flames, the driver celebrates his victory... until Jotaro emerges from the ground, having left his coat behind as a decoy and used Star Platinum to tunnel underground! Jotaro then destroys Wheel of Fortune with Star Platinum, and as the driver is finally revealed and begs for mercy, the heroes laugh at his ridiculous appearance.

Chapter 12: Manipulated Justice[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Ora ora ora ora ora oraah!
Clear the stage with 100,000 points.

Mini-Game Stage: Jotaro VS Enya (N-Yah)

Arriving at Multan, our heroes check into a hotel run by an elderly woman. That night, however, Polnareff goes missing... When Jotaro goes to look for him, he comes across the owner, who refers to Jotaro by name. This gets Jotaro's attention, and when asked how she knew his name, the woman claims she saw him write it in the hotel's guestbook when signing in... only for Jotaro to show her that he'd actually signed in using a fake name! Outed as an enemy, the women reveals herself as Enya Geil (N-Yah Gail), mother of the fallen J. Geil, and summons her Stand, Justice, which has turned the surrounding town's inhabitants into zombies.

This mini-game stage plays more like a modified VS mode stage, as you'll face off against an endless horde of Justice's zombies. There are three different types of zombies: ones wearing orange that slowly shamble towards you, ones wearing red that jump at you, and babies that are low to the ground. You'll earn 100 points for every zombie defeated, with a combo multiplier that increases by 100 points for each one you defeat without taking damage. Once you defeat thirty zombies, Enya and Justice itself shows up. Enya will run around trying to keep her distance from you, while Justice will occasionally try to strike you with its hands (watch for the hands turning red and jump out of the way). Depleting Enya's health to zero will end the stage, and you'll be awarded 5000 points multiplied by your current combo.

Jotaro declares that he'll defeat Enya before she finishes her next breath. Attempting to prove him wrong, she breathes in... and finds that she can't exhale, as Star Platinum's inhaled her Stand! Unable to breathe, Enya then passes out, defeated.

Chapter 13: Dreadful lover[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Do you know what you're up against?
Clear the stage with 120,000 points.

Mini-Game Stage: Kakyoin/Polnareff VS Lovers

Chapter 14: The sun-scorched desert[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Let's go to our next destination.
Clear the stage within 30 seconds.

Mini-Game Stage: VS Arabia Fats

Chapter 15: Nightmare of Death 13[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
What?! How could this happen?!
Perform a Stand Appearance Attack (+).

VS Mode Stage: Kakyoin VS Death 13

Chapter 16: Lamp of magic[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Do you wish to repent now?
Clear the stage with 80,000 points.

Mini-Game Stage: Avdol VS Judgement

Chapter 17: Diamond's Tooth[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
What can't be bent will be broken!
Win the fight while Midler is Stand Crashed.

VS Mode Stage: Jotaro VS Midler

Chapter 18: Geb, the Earth God[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I never moved. I stood still.
Clear the stage with Jotaro's Puttsun Ora super (+).

Mini-Game Stage: Jotaro VS N'Doul (N'Dool)

Chapter 19: True premonition[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Brothers retired hand in hand.
Clear the stage without missing a QTE.

Adventure Stage: VS Oingo and Boingo (Oing and Voing)

As the heroes go to a hospital in Aswan after the fierce battle against N'Doul, we are introduced to two more enemy Stand users: a pair of brothers named Oingo and Boingo. Oingo's Stand, Khnum, lets him change his face into whomever he pleases, while Boingo's Stand, Thoth, lets him see the future with a comic book. As they reach Aswan, the brothers find the heroes, who remark that while Avdol only has minor wounds, Kakyoin will have to stay in the hospital due to his injuries. At Polnareff's suggestion, he, Jotaro, Joseph, and Iggy take a break at a local cafe, where Oingo disguises himself as a waiter, and, as per Thoth's premonition, slips poison into their tea...

Quick Time Event

...but Iggy's antics cause them to spit the tea out. Though discouraged, Oingo and Boingo continue to tail the heroes. Along the way, the brothers come across a man, and offended by his appearance, decide to punch the man without provocation.

Quick Time Event

As he flees, the man drops his wallet, and Oingo and Boingo take his money for themselves. The heroes then take a car back to the hospital Avdol and Kakyoin are staying at, and Oingo sets an orange-shaped bomb in the car for them...

Quick Time Event

...but it's Oingo disguised as Jotaro, not Jotaro himself, who is blown up by the bomb. And as if things aren't bad enough for them, the man they assaulted earlier comes back with his friends. And thus, the brothers are hospitalized without the heroes even realizing there were any enemies around.

Chapter 20: The Anubis Sword[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Witness Chariot's final attack!
Win the fight with Polnareff's Last Shot super (+).

VS Mode Stage: Polnareff VS Chaka (Chaca)

Chapter 21: Beware, the razor![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
How could you catch the sword?!
Perform a Guard Cancel (+ while blocking).

VS Mode Stage: Jotaro VS Khan (Kan)

Chapter 22: Anubis and Chariot[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I've memorized your attack!
Have Black Polnareff counter Jotaro's Ora Ora special (+) or Puttsun Ora super (+).

VS Mode Stage: Jotaro VS Black Polnareff

First path split[edit | edit source]

You'll now come to the first path split, and have to choose between Joseph and Avdol, which advances to Chapter 23, or Jotaro and Polnareff, which advances to Chapter 24. If you want to play the other chapter you passed up, don't worry; after beating Super Story mode, you'll be able to go back and play the other paths you missed out on the first time around.

Chapter 23: She's got the best legs![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
How's that for magnetic power?
Get hit by Mariah's "Bast's Magnetism" special at least 7 times.

VS Mode Stage: Joseph VS Mariah (Mahrahia)

Chapter 24: Don't make me any younger![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I guess I never really grew up!
Get turned into a child at least once.

VS Mode Stage: Polnareff VS Alessi (Alessy)

Chapter 25: To gamble your soul away...[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I would have been afraid...
Win the cat or coin minigame, or win the poker minigame by bluffing.

Mini-Game Stage: VS Daniel J. D'Arby

Chapter 26: The absolute prophecy[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I missed! What is going on?!
Win the fight without getting hit by Hol Horse's bullets.

VS Mode Stage: Polnareff VS Hol Horse and Boingo (Hol Horse and Voing)

Chapter 27: Bird of ice[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I'll be hiding here for a while.
Block attacks at least 10 times.

VS Mode Stage: Iggy (Iggi) VS Pet Shop

Second path split[edit | edit source]

Upon entering DIO's mansion, Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin are abducted by an enemy Stand! Here you'll come to the second path split: choosing Avdol, Polnareff and Iggy will advance to Chapters 28 and 29, while choosing Jotaro, Joseph and Kakyoin will advance to Chapter 30.

Chapter 28: Impossible search[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
That was too fast!
Clear the stage within 40 seconds.

Mini-Game Stage: VS Kenny G

Chapter 29: Locus in the darkness space[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Hey, are you awake or what?
Win the fight with a throw.

VS Mode Stage: Polnareff VS Vanilla Ice (Iced)

Chapter 30: The video game of the soul[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Could it be... "Ora ora?!"
Clear the stage without missing a QTE.

Adventure Stage: VS Terence T. D'Arby

Third path split[edit | edit source]

Regardless of which path you chose before, the heroes reunite, and as Polnareff reveals the fate of Avdol and Iggy, Kakyoin finds a servant of DIO's named Nukesaku, and orders him to lead them to DIO. As they find the vampire's coffin, Jotaro and Polnareff take positions beside the coffin as Nukesaku opens it... before he suddenly finds himself inside the coffin! The heroes decide to flee, and night falls... DIO's time has arrived.

Here is the third and final path split of Super Story mode, as the heroes decide upon their final attack on DIO: choosing Kakyoin and Joseph will advance to Chapters 31 and 32, while choosing Jotaro and Polnareff will advance to Chapters 33 and 34.

Chapter 31: The threat of "The World"[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Taste my "Mystic Trap!"
Win the fight with Kakyoin's Hierophant Barrier special (+).

VS Mode Stage: Kakyoin VS DIO

Chapter 32: The Stand that rules the world![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
"Hamon" energy... It's from the sun!
Win the fight with Joseph's Hermit Web special and follow-up (+).

VS Mode Stage: Joseph VS DIO

Chapter 33: Stand that are two of a kind![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
Let's see whose punch is faster!
Initiate a Blazing Fists Match with Jotaro's Ora Ora special (+) or Puttsun Ora super (+).

VS Mode Stage: Jotaro VS DIO

Chapter 34: The final blow![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
You're finished, DIO!
Win the fight with Polnareff's Shooting Star special (+).

VS Mode Stage: Polnareff VS DIO

Chapter 35: The everlasting journey. Goodbye, my friends![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I stopped time!
Have DIO stop time, then win the fight within stopped time by using Jotaro's Star Platinum: The World super ( with 3 stocks).

VS Mode Stage: Jotaro VS DIO

Though Jotaro chases after DIO, he is too late, as the vampire has already drained Joseph's blood. With the new Joestar blood within him bringing him to his full power, DIO taunts and challenges a furious Jotaro, and the final battle commences.

Ending[edit | edit source]

After the fight, a beaten DIO rises back up, and Star Platinum's fist and The World's leg clash one last time... and while Star Platinum's fist cracks, The World's entire body breaks apart, and DIO finally dies. Victorious, Jotaro proclaims there was only one reason DIO lost... he pissed him off.

With DIO's blood, Jotaro successfully revives Joseph, and the two lay the vampire's body underneath the sun, bringing his century-long menace to an end at last, and ensuring their fallen friends can rest peacefully. At the airport, Jotaro, Joseph, and Polnareff say their goodbyes to each other, and Polnareff returns to his native France, while Jotaro and Joseph go back to Japan to a fully recovered Holley.

Congratulations on beating Super Story mode! You'll now be able to go back and replay any chapter you wish, including paths you didn't choose previously... and you'll have also unlocked a few extra chapters, detailed below.

Chapter 36: The 21st Tarot card[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I didn't really want to fight!
Win the fight via Time Over.

VS Mode Stage: Avdol VS Shadow DIO

Set between Chapters 1 and 2, Avdol decides to tell Jotaro about his first encounter with DIO, four months prior in Cairo. He had encountered the vampire one night as he was closing up his fortune-telling shop, and this is when he became truly afraid of him.

As Avdol explains, he found DIO and the power of his mysterious Stand terrifying, and ran without even thinking of fighting back, using his knowledge of the streets of Cairo to his advantage in escaping; as such, he barely avoiding falling under the vampire's spell and becoming one of his minions.

Chapter 37: DIO's spell[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
The evil bud made of DIO's cells...
Have Shadow DIO use his Charisma super.

VS Mode Stage: Kakyoin VS Shadow DIO

Set between Chapters 2 and 3, Kakyoin, recovering from having the "evil implant" removed, recalls how he had met the man he previously served. One night, DIO had approached him, expressing knowledge of Kakyoin's ability to wield a Stand, and asked him to demonstrate his power as a test of his strength.

Deciding that Kakyoin was worthy of serving him, DIO embedded the "evil implant" in his head, causing Kakyoin to submit to his new master and pledge his undying loyalty to him.

Chapter 38: The man with the star-shaped macula[edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
I was controlled by the evil bud...
Have Shadow DIO use his Charisma super.

VS Mode Stage: Polnareff VS Shadow DIO

Set between Chapters 4 and 5, Polnareff tells the heroes of how he had met DIO a year prior. The vampire had approached him, sensing his distress over his deceased sister, and offered to remove the painful memories from Polnareff's mind, on the condition that he serve DIO.

Polnareff explains to his new comrades that he'd been ordered to eliminate them, believing that his vampiric master could help him. Now free of DIO's control, he decides to join them, telling them about his search for his sister's murderer, a man with two right hands.

Chapter 39: The end of DIO?![edit | edit source]

Secret Factor
How did you get me?!
Attack Shadow DIO during his Counter Teleport special.

VS Mode Stage: Hol Horse VS Shadow DIO

Set between Chapters 23/24 and 25, Hol Horse enters DIO's dark chambers, coming across one of the vampire's previous victims. DIO then suddenly appears before him, asking the gunslinger his reasons for entering. Hol Horse claims he'd arrived to report to the vampire, though DIO dismisses this, citing his previous failures against the Joestar group and threatening to kill Hol Horse if he fails again. Incensed, Hol decides to attack and see for himself if DIO is so strong, after all.

With Emperor pointed right at DIO, Hol Horse seems to have the vampire at his mercy... until he suddenly vanishes, reappearing behind him! Praising the gunslinger's composure in daring to try and kill him, DIO decides to spare him, and leaves. With Hol Horse wondering if this is the power of DIO's Stand, The World, which seemingly let DIO teleport behind him despite him not looking away for even a moment, Hol Horse finds himself overcome with fear and pledges his loyalty to the vampire forevermore.