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Bucciarati's Coming, Part 1 (ブチャラティが来る その① Bucharati ga Kuru Sono 1)
Giorno Giovanna vs. Bruno Bucciarati

After a brief recap of the previous four parts of the series to give context, we are introduced to our protagonist, Giorno Giovanna, as he leaves the airport. He is then accosted by Leaky-Eye Luca, named after his constantly crying eye. Luca, who owns the airport, demands a payment from Giorno and swings his shovel at him, but he is incapacitated after the attack is reflected back at him.

Later as Giorno rides a trolley, a man in white approaches him, asking about what happened to Luca. Giorno denies knowing about him, and the man backs off, before asking what's in his hand. Curious as well, Giorno opens his hand and sees... an eyeball?! Dropping the eyeball, he breaks out in a cold sweat, and the man licks it from his cheek, determining from its taste that Giorno is lying to him. Introducing himself as Bruno Bucciarati, he declares that this interrogation has become a torture session.

This first fight houses the game's tutorial, and you'll be taught the basic controls of the game: movement (Neutral lstick), melee attacks (Square button), dodging (Circle button), special moves (Cross button), toggling your Stand (L1 button), and Stand Shoots (R1 button). This last move will fulfill the first Secret Factor of the level, which will extend your health and Stand meters, and after a brief blurb about Secret Factors, you'll then be left to defeat Bucciarati at your leisure. As this is the first level, it's a fairly easy battle, and whatever attacks Bucciarati and his Stand, Sticky Fingers, throws at you can easily be dodged or guarded with your Stand, Gold Experience, which will help you focus on achieving the Secret Factors.

Secret Factors
The first Secret Factor must be achieved first during the tutorial, but the rest can be done in any order.
1. Shoot Bucciarati. (1) (ブチャラティをシュート(1))
Stand Shoot Bucciarati. This will activate a cutscene where Gold Experience punches Bucciarati in the face and knocks out his tooth. To Bucciarati, this lasts for several moments longer, and he describes the intense pain this is causing. This is achieved during the tutorial, and rewards you with +4.
2. Shoot Bucciarati. (2) (ブチャラティをシュート(2))
Stand Shoot Bucciarati while he's between the seats. This will cause Giorno to wonder if Bucciarati had used his Stand to put the eyeball in his hand, rewarding you with +1.
3. Shoot Sticky Fingers. (S・フィンガーズをシュート)
Stand Shoot Sticky Fingers while it's not blocking. This will activate another cutscene where Giorno realizes that Bucciarati's power is to place zippers on any object. This'll reward you with +3.
4. Shoot a fire extinguisher. (消火器をシュート)
Stand Shoot any fire extinguisher. This will turn it into a snake that'll attack Bucciarati and briefly immobilize him, and this rewards you with +2.