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Bucciarati's Coming, Part 2 (ブチャラティが来る その② Bucharati ga Kuru Sono 2)
Giorno Giovanna vs. Bruno Bucciarati

Injured and realizing that Giorno does indeed intend to kill him, Bucciarati decides to retreat, leaving the trolley with one of Sticky Fingers's zippers. Believing that Bucciarati will report to his superiors about him if he escapes, Giorno pursues him into the streets, intent on silencing him for the sake of his future.

Like the previous level, your goal here is to defeat Bucciarati, but this level has a time limit; you have 5 minutes to get to the final phase of the fight. For the first part of the level, Bucciarati will flee from you, running away when you approach and using Sticky Fingers's zippers to teleport around the stage. After he takes about 20% damage, Bucciarati will then use one of Sticky Fingers's zippers to hide in one of four civilians. The civilian he chooses is the same every time (the one wearing a yellow shirt), so if you don't care about Secret Factors, you can attack this civilian to knock Bucciarati out of him and proceed to the final phase of the fight. At this point, Bucciarati decides to stop running and starts fighting back, and the time limit disappears. From here, you're free to deal with him however you please.

Secret Factors
The first Secret Factor can be done at any time, but the second and third must be done before the fourth, or they will not activate.
1. Give life to objects in the city. (街にある物を生物に変える)
Stand Shoot a barrel or lamppost. This will turn it into a snake or a tree, respectively, and reward you with +1.
2. Attack a suspicious townsperson. (怪しい街の人を攻撃)
After Bucciarati hides inside a civilian, attack an incorrect civilian. This'll reward you with +1.
3. Turn Bucciarati's tooth into a fly. (ブチャラティの歯をハエに変える)
After Bucciarati hides inside a civilian, Stand Shoot the tooth on the ground (the white dot near where he disappeared). This is actually the same tooth that Bucciarati lost in the previous level, and a cutscene will activate of the tooth being transformed into a fly. As it was originally part of Bucciarati, it will now attempt to return to him, identifying the correct civilian he's hiding in. You'll then be rewarded with +5.
4. Find who Bucciarati is hiding inside of. (ブチャラティが誰に入っているか見破る)
After Bucciarati hides inside a civilian, attack the correct civilian. This will expose Bucciarati, and reward you with +3.

After the fight, Bucciarati asks why Giorno didn't move to finish him off, and the boy responds that he seems like a good person; earlier during the fight, Bucciarati had noticed a boy doing drugs, and had briefly paused his attack out of shock. From this, the two come to realize that their goals align; they have a mutual hatred of dealers giving drugs to kids, and those drugs come from the mafia boss himself. Though Bucciarati exclaims that he hasn't given up on killing Giorno, the boy responds that Bucciarati won't try to kill him, because he'll become his ally, as he declares his intent to defeat the Boss and take over the mafia. To do that, Giorno will have to become a gangster himself and rise through the ranks... becoming a Gang-Star. Hearing his conviction, Bucciarati decides that he'll tell his superiors that they couldn't find Luca's killer, and will put in a good word for Giorno to help him enter the gang.