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Joining the Gang (ギャング入門 Gyangu Nyūmon)
Giorno Giovanna vs. Black Sabbath

In order to enter the gang, Giorno meets with Polpo, a large and obese Passione capo currently in jail for his protection. For his initiation test, Polpo gives Giorno a lighter, and tells him to keep it lit for 24 hours. As he walks through his school courtyard with the lighter in hand, a janitor accidentally splashes Giorno with water while cleaning the stairs... and douses the lighter by accident! Fortunately, the janitor manages to relight it for him, and it seems all is well... but when Giorno hears something behind him and turns, he sees a Stand holding the janitor's corpse! The Stand, Black Sabbath, tosses the janitor's body aside, before turning to attack Giorno.

Your goal for this level is to defeat Black Sabbath within 5 minutes. Black Sabbath will hide in the shadows cast by the building and will attack you from there. You'll need to be careful in how you approach the Stand, as he can grab you or Gold Experience to deal damage (you can break out of this by wiggling Neutral lstick). You can, however, knock him into sunlight, which will deal considerable damage to him. Don't think you'll be safe by staying in the sunlight, either, as birds will occasionally fly across the map, and Black Sabbath may attack you from their shadows.

Secret Factors
The second, third and fourth Secret Factors will only activate once the first has been achieved.
1. Attack Black Sabbath. (ブラック・サバスを攻撃)
Knock Black Sabbath into sunlight. The Stand will take heavy damage from this, a cutscene will activate where Black Sabbath escapes Gold Experience and slips into the darkness. Giorno confirms its association with shadows, and you'll be rewarded with +3.
2. Watch Black Sabbath hide in a bird's shadow. (鳥の影に隠れたB・サバスに気付く)
After the first Secret Factor is achieved, Black Sabbath will begin to attack from the shadows of birds flying overhead. The first time this happens, Giorno will point this out, and you'll be rewarded with +2.
3. Destroy a stone pillar to remove its shadow. (石柱を破壊して影を消す)
After the first Secret Factor is achieved, attack any of the stone pillars in the bottom-left part of the stage and destroy it. You'll be rewarded with +2, and Black Sabbath will be exposed to sunlight if he is in that pillar's shadow.
4. Expose Black Sabbath to sunlight. (ブラック・サバスに日光をあびせる)
After the first Secret Factor is achieved, knock Black Sabbath into sunlight again. This will activate a cutscene where the Stand screams and writhes in pain before scrambling back into the shadows. Giorno confirms that sunlight is Black Sabbath's weakness, and you'll be rewarded with +3.

After the fight, Black Sabbath is disintegrated by sunlight as Giorno retrieves the still-lit lighter, and wonders if he's still eligible to join the mafia. The next day, Giorno returns the lighter to Polpo, who officially inducts Giorno into Passione. However, it seems Giorno didn't take too kindly to Polpo's Stand killing the innocent janitor... Polpo grabs a banana to eat, and puts it into his mouth... before the banana turns back into a gun! And thus, with a bang, Black Sabbath and his user are no more, and the arrow Polpo held is destroyed.