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The Second Order from the Boss: "Retrieve the Key!", Part 1
(ボスからの第二指令「鍵キーをゲットせよ!」 その① Bosu kara no Dai-Ni Shirei "Kī o Getto seyo!" Sono 1)
Pannacotta Fugo vs. Illuso

Narancia returns to the hideout after defeating his attacker, and the team discusses what they should do next. Abbacchio worries that the safety of their hideout may have been compromised, but fleeing with Trish will surely invite more danger... Giorno suggests waiting for the boss's instructions, but Abbacchio rudely tells him to know his place. Before tensions can mount further, Mista informs Bucciarati of an email from the boss, which tasks the group with retrieving a key within the ruins of Pompeii that can safely bring Trish to her father. Thus, Bucciarati decides to send Fugo, Giorno, and Abbacchio to Pompeii to retrieve the key. At the ruins, the trio search the ruins, with Fugo taking note of a mirror on the wall... which he sees another man inside of, approaching from behind! However, when Fugo turns to warn his allies, no one is there... Looking back into the mirror, he sees the man about to attack, and Fugo pushes Giorno and Abbacchio away from the mirror... only to find himself trapped inside the mirror world alone with the man, Illuso, who then attacks.

The first level of this set sees you controlling Fugo against Illuso and his Stand, Man in the Mirror, but as you can't hurt him, you must survive for a full two minutes. This'll be a harder task than it initially seems, due to you being without your Stand for this level (but trying to summon it anyway will get you a Secret Factor). Additionally, your horizontal movement is mirrored, as well; for instance, when you push Right lstick, you'll move left instead. As for Illuso himself, he'll teleport between the various mirrors on the north wall and shards on the floor, throwing mirror shards at you and occasionally attacking with Man in the Mirror, which also has a grab attack where it slashes your throat with mirror shards. Just be sure to make liberal use of your dodge-roll to avoid his attacks, and you'll easily survive the two minutes.

Secret Factors
The second Secret Factor must be done after the first, and the third and fourth must be done after the second.
1. Notice your Stand's strangeness. (スタンドの異変に気付く)
Attempt to summon your Stand. Although Fugo calls forth Purple Haze, it doesn't appear for some reason. This'll reward you with +2.
2. Look in the mirror to learn the enemy's Stand ability. (鏡を見て敵のスタンド能力を見抜く)
After the first Secret Factor has been achieved, move near any of the intact mirrors on the north wall. This will trigger a cutscene where Fugo looks through the mirror and sees Purple Haze in the real world, deducing that Man in the Mirror has complete control of what can enter and exit the mirror world. This will reward you with +3.
3. Warn Giorno about the enemy's ability. (ジョルノ達に敵能力のヒントを伝える)
After the second Secret Factor is achieved, move next to the broken mirror near the northwest corner of the stage. You'll then overhear a conversation between Abbacchio and Giorno: although Abbacchio believes Purple Haze to be lashing out mindlessly, Giorno believes there's a purpose behind its actions. As this happens, you'll be rewarded with +3.
4. See the mirrored trash can label. (反転した「ゴミ箱」の文字を見る)
After the second Secret Factor is achieved, move near either of the two trash cans along the north side of the stage. Fugo notices that the label is mirrored as well, and you'll earn +2.