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The Second Order from the Boss: "Retrieve the Key!", Part 2
(ボスからの第二指令「鍵キーをゲットせよ!」 その② Bosu kara no Dai-Ni Shirei "Kī o Getto seyo!" Sono 2)
Leone Abbacchio vs. Illuso

As Illuso closes in on a helpless Fugo, a crow's corpse suddenly appears in front of him, confusing him. Back in the real world, we see that the crow has succumbed to Purple Haze's ability; as Abbacchio explains to Giorno, its fists have capsules between the knuckles that, when broken, release a flesh-eating virus that kills the victim in thirty seconds. Giorno and Abbacchio then argue about what to do next; Giorno wants to save Fugo, and while Abbacchio agrees with him, he doesn't want to risk all three of them being eliminated, saying that the mission takes priority. Giorno refuses, and so Abbacchio runs off on his own, entering the dog mosaic to retrieve the key... however, Illuso has followed him inside, and he is pulled into the mirror world, too!

You now play as Abbacchio, and your goal for this level is to damage Illuso until he has lost a certain amount of health (the bright green section of his health meter; about 40%). As with Fugo in the previous stage, Abbacchio is trapped in the mirror world with inverted horizontal controls. However, he realizes that, while it's separate from him, he can still control his Stand, Moody Blues, and so he can activate Moody Blues to fight Illuso in the real world (which does not have its controls mirrored). Illuso has the same attacks as before, and frequently teleports between the real world and the mirror world, forcing you to swap between Abbacchio and Moody Blues to fight him. Don't get too attached to playing as Abbacchio, however; this is the only level he's playable in within Super Story mode.

Secret Factors
There is only one Secret Factor in this level, which is achieved automatically.
1. Clear the stage. (ステージをクリア)
This activates immediately at the start of the level, and rewards you with +10.