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Express Train to Florence (フィレンツェ行き超特急 Firentse Iki Choutokkyu)
Bruno Bucciarati vs. Pesci

Thanks to the zippers of Sticky Fingers, Prosciutto is thrown outside the train. Though Pesci awakens shortly after and manages to stop the train, when he emerges, he finds Prosciutto caught in the train's wheels, mortally wounded. Bucciarati then exits the train through a zipper in front of Pesci, who is enraged with grief, and becomes determined to take revenge for his brother's impending death.

As Bucciarati once more, you now take on the younger of the two brothers, Pesci. His Stand, Beach Boy, takes the form of a fishing rod, the effectiveness of which he demonstrates at the start of the fight by hooking you with it, and trying to reel you in to deal a heavy punch. Wiggle Neutral lstick to break free before he hits you (you'll get the stage's first Secret Factor if you do it the first time it happens). Beach Boy has quite the reach, so be sure to make effective use of your dodge-roll to avoid it when Pesci casts his line at you. After a certain amount of time has passed, Prosciutto will wake up, using the last of his strength to reactivate The Grateful Dead's aging ability and draining your health once more. Unfortunately there's no ice around to negate it this time, so your only option is taking out the man himself; one punch is all it takes to finish him off and get the third Secret Factor.

Secret Factors
The first Secret Factor can only be done at the start of the fight, the third can only be done when Prosciutto reactivates The Grateful Dead, and the fourth must be done as the finishing move of the stage. The second can be done at any point.
1. Unhook yourself from Pesci's line. (ペッシの針を振りほどく)
Break free when Pesci hooks you with Beach Boy at the beginning of the fight. This will reward you with +2.
2. Shoot Pesci. (ペッシをシュート)
Stand Shoot Pesci. This will reward you with +2.
3. Finish off Prosciutto. (プロシュートにとどめを刺す)
Attack Prosciutto after he reactivates The Grateful Dead. This will deactivate the Stand for good and reward you with +3.
4. KO with a Lv.3 "Ari-ari". (「アリアリ」Lv3でKO)
Finish off Pesci with a fully-charged Stand Shoot. This will reward you with +3.

After the fight, Pesci, his neck broken, pulls out... the turtle?! He must've grabbed it while he was on the train! Pesci raises it up, threatening to smash it on the ground and take Bucciarati's crew with him as he dies... but thankfully, Bucciarati is quicker on the draw, finishing him off with a flurry of blows from Sticky Fingers. As he turns to leave, Bucciarati bids his fallen foe "arrivederci".