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Light Yagami (Japanese: 夜神 月) and Ryukk (Japanese: リューク) are two characters from the DEATH NOTE manga. They are referred to together as ライト/リューク

Help Koma[edit]

Support Koma[edit]

2 Koma - Knowledge[edit]

  • Targets
  • Light and Ryukk appear. Light begins writing into his Death Note. During this time you can pick a target. Once Light is done, Ryukk disappears and the Death Note becomes a scythe. Ryukk appears above the target and Light will swing his scythe. If the target hasn't moved or blocked, they will then be doomed and DIE in 10 seconds.

3 Koma - Knowledge[edit]

  • "Just as planned."
  • Light and Ryukk appear. Light begins wrinting names into his Death Note. After a while, Light will close the book and Ryukk will disappear. Apples will apear above all the other players' heads and fall down. If the apples hit, they are now DOOMED to DIE in 10 seconds. Note that the sound of Light writing can be heard no matter where he is. However you can block it out with other noisy characters.