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Yugi Moto (Japanese: 武藤 遊戯) is a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh manga. His boost characters are Kaiba, Tea, and Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

Help Koma[edit]

Support Koma[edit]

2 Koma - Knowledge[edit]

  • Yugi appears and summons both the Dark Magician and the Dark Magician Girl. They do a team attack.

3 Koma - Knoledge[edit]

  • Yugi appears and plays Monster Reborn. KO'd people in your deck are revived (Doesn't work in deathmatch mode)

Battle Koma[edit]

  • B button - Yugi Summons the Celtic Guardian to attack with his sword.
  • Right dpadB button - Yugi Rolls a pair of 8 sided dice along the ground to do damage.
  • Down dpadB button - Yugi Summons Gaia the Fierce Knight to dash forward with it's lance.
  • Up dpadB button - Yugi throws a virtual pet device to the ground. When it lands, Yugi's pet, U2, comes out and does an uppercut.
  • B button (In the air) - Yugi summons Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress, who then breathes a fireball in a diagonal path
  • Y button - Yugi Summons the Black Luster Soldier to attack with his sword, leaving a trail of flame in front of him
  • Right dpadY button - Yugi summons the Dark Magician Girl to fire a long range attack.
  • Down dpadY button - Yugi summons the Dark Magician to do a short range attack.
  • Up dpadY button - Yugi summons the Dark Paladin to blast opponents above him.
  • Y button (In the air) - Yugi plays Swords of Revealing Light. The swords hover in place for a few moments before flying straight down.
  • Select button - Yugi poses, saying 'Turn end!', then immediately switches with another battle character.

4 Koma - Knowledge[edit]

  • J-Soul: 136
  • X button: The Winged Dragon of Ra - Yugi Summons the Winged Dragon of Ra, who then fires a massive beam attack.
  • Up dpadX button: Monster Reborn - Yugi plays Monster Reborn to revive one KO'd battle character (Doesn't work in Deathmatch mode)

5 Koma - Power[edit]

  • J-Soul: 152
  • X button: Obelisk the Tormentor - Yugi summons Obelisk the Tormentor. It punches.
  • Up dpadX button - Lightforce Sword - Yugi plays Lightforce sword, which hits his opponent from above and locks changing of battle characters.

6 Koma - Knowledge[edit]

  • J-Soul: 168
  • X button: Slifer the Sky Dragon - Yugi summons Slifer the Sky Dragon, which does a massive beam attack. The initial summoning also deals damage
  • Up dpadX button: Spellbinding Circle Yugi plays Spellbinding Circle, which appears above all opponents and comes down on them, temporarily sealing their moves and draining special.