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There are three types of battles in Jump Ultimate Stars, each of which have their own victory conditions.

Basic Rules[edit]

  • If a character is KO'd, then they are rendered unusable until their health recovers to full, or a reviving effect is used.
  • If all of a player's Battle Koma are KO'd, then all the player's characters will be revived. They will also drop some coins.

Point Battle (ポイント)[edit]

The person with the most points at the end of the battle wins. All players start with a score of zero points.

  • If you are KO'd, you lose a point
  • If all of your characters are KO'd, being revived will cost you an additional 2 points
  • If you KO a player with your Leader, you gain two points
  • If you KO a player with another character or a support attack, you gain one point.
  • If you KO a player by Ring out, you will gain points dependent on the active player when the KO is scored.

Deathmatch (デスマッチ)[edit]

This is your typical survival mode. The one who's left after everyone is KOed wins. Effects that revive fallen battle characters (Like Yugi's Monster Reborn) won't work in this mode.

J-Symbol (Jシンボル)[edit]

The person with the most stars at the end of the battle wins.

  • Everyone stars with one star.
  • After a few seconds, a star appears in the arena, making the total number of stars one star higher than the number of players.
  • If a player is KO'd, they drop their star.
  • If all of a player's battle characters are KO'd, they drop all of their stars.
  • If a star falls out of the stage (or if the player holding the star is killed by ringout) the star will respawn on the map a few second later.
  • The game will automatically end if one player possesses all of the stars

Sudden Death[edit]

If there is a tie in any of these modes, players will be thrown into sudden death mode. In this mode, players are forced to use their leader characters only. You begin with no special gauge, a set amount of health and the stage is reduced to a single platform. The last one left standing wins. If time runs out, all the surviving players are declared the winner.