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There is a management team that continuously sends you mail about the issues and accomplishments that the park has made.

  • John Hammond is the CEO of InGen and creator of Jurassic Park. He makes contact infrequently to report on the status and rating of your park.
  • Peter Ludlow is the financial director of InGen. He rarely interferes with the daily running of the park. A player only gets mail from him if there are financial or security issues in the park.
  • Dr. Alan Grant is a world-famous paleontologist who oversees all of the fossil-hunting teams. He sends mail to report about finds and the status of the fossil market.
  • Dr. Henry Wu is Jurassic Park's head geneticist and the creator of InGen's cloning technology. He sends the player mail about fossil and amber extractions and research programs.
  • Dr. Ellie Sattler is the Park's dinosaur manager. She is an expert in dinosaur ecology and paleobotany. She monitors the park's dinosaur population, and she informs the player of the current status.
  • Ray Arnold is the chief administrator and oversees all maintenance and day-to-day operations of the park. If something gets damaged in a storm or experiences technical problems, the player will be informed by him.
  • Robert Muldoon is the park warden and in charge of all the park security systems and rangers. He also oversees operation of the balloon rides and safari tour.
  • Jane Powers is the public relations manager, and will alert the player's attention to visitor and attraction problems. (She is the only member of the management team that's not from the movies or books.)