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The game has 10 missions the player can complete. There are about three or four general types of missions, including taking photographs of dinosaurs to try to rack up a certain amount of points from the photos in a Safari mission. Here are all the missions numbered.

  1. Jurassic Park is being accused of exhibiting fake dinosaurs, you must help them prove them wrong!
  2. The park's carnivores have gone out of control! You must retire them before time runs out.
  3. You must muster your herbivores to the muster area. (Optional) Retire all 4 T-rexs before they eat the herbivores.
  4. InGen scientists want to conduct further research into dinosaurs behavior in weather conditions. You will need to take photos of different dinosaurs during the heatwave and the thunderstorm.
  5. The president of Dregovia has arrived at your park when a twister has hit the island. You must retire all 18 carnivores and rescue the president.
  6. The danger safari club is willing to donate a load of money to Jurassic Park if you can get them dangerous, scary photos.
  7. The park has gone into emergency mode leaving John Hammond trapped in a visitor shelter. You must go to the Ranger Station and get a rifle, then go rescue Hammond.
  8. The parks automated hatcheries have gone out of control! Destroy the engines and retire all carnivores.
  9. You must muster the herbivores through a maze and into the muster area.
  10. Many visitors have suggested that they would like a Jurassic Park calendar, take photos of dinosaurs to win.