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There are seven agency missions in the game:

  1. Welcome to Panau
  2. Casino Bust
  3. The White Tiger
  4. Mountain Rescue
  5. Three Kings
  6. Into the Den
  7. A Just Cause

Welcome to Panau[edit]

This is a tutorial mission that starts the game. You're first required to catch up with Marshall who has your PDA, and then instructed to reach the landing zone just outside the base, by opening the parachute. Getting close enough to these objectives will trigger a cutscene where the task is accomplished, and landing signals that this agency mission starts.

It will generally be easy as a tutorial mission, as you're following the steps with minimal enemies:

  1. Enter the base. You will need to use the grappling hook by tapping the Grappling Hook button, and then use the Jump button to actually enter the base.
  2. Take out the guard. As previously, tap the Grappling Hook button to pull him forward. If you're more daring, you can approach him and use a melee attack.
  3. Retrieve the first memory card. It is located on the roof of the building.
  4. Eliminate the guards. The tutorial recommends pulling the barrels to catch them in an explosion.
  5. Arm yourself. The marked weapon stash contains one pistol.
  6. Retrieve memory card #2. There are a few more soldiers, some of which hide behind cover (and can be pulled out by tapping Grappling Hook), although they don't pose much of a threat. It is located next to an AA gun.
  7. Take out the hostile helicopter. Simply enter the AA gun and open fire.
  8. Retrieve memory card #3. As with the previous memory card, there's a large number of soldiers, but they still pose limited threat.
  9. Retrieve memory card form the soldier. The fastest route is to grapple the tram cars, and use the parachute as a way to slingshot. If ti doesn't work, it's still possible to climb the mountain, but this is more difficult.
  10. Grapple and hand on to Kane's helicopter. While grappled, you will need to engage any rooftop threats. You can drop down once you're close to memory card #5
  11. Retrieve memory card #5. While in plain sight, it is covered by two gunners. The tutorial recommends destroying two nearby silos, although a precise shot may also work.
  12. Take out the SAM sites. There is a cache of C4 behind the SAM sites, and you can use them to destroy the turrets.

With the destruction of the SAM sites, enemy reinforcements will no longer be inhibited. You will need to take cover or fight against the enemies before Kane returns and allows you to grapple the helicopter to escape.

Casino Bust[edit]

Casino Bust is started automatically after Welcome to Panau, and serves as a second tutorial mission. You are dropped off on the road ahead of the casino, but there are already army vehicles ahead of you.

When you approach the casino, there will be approximately 6 soldiers waiting, some of which can flank you. Once you pass them, a demolitions officer will attack. He is stronger than normal, and will drop a live grenade once killed.

The Panau military setup breaching charges, and you will have to reach them. This requires using the grappling hook, while already attached to the building, and requires moving back and forth between the two towers. At the top, you will need to engage the solders waiting, and disarm the two charges.

An enemy helicopter will approach, and you can either hijack it to battle with a second helicopter, or shoot it down using a nearby assault rifle. Once the helicopter is shot down, you're informed that Karl Blaine is under attack, and you need to rescue him. You can reach by jumping in from the roof of the catwalk. This starts a cutscene showing the protagonist rescue Karl from the enemy soldiers.

The final part of the tutorial instructs you on the double grapple, where you attach Karl's car to the tractor, and pull it from the ditch. After this, you jump onto Karl's car and defend Karl from the Panau soldiers - you can use the double grapple maneuver on enemy cars and the ground, causing them to lose control, or shoot the tires of the vehicle to slow them down.

One the mission is finished, Karl will give you the contact information for three criminal groups operating in Panau, as well as establish a black market contact.