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Moves[edit | edit source]

KOF Maximum Impact 2[edit | edit source]

Hyena Throw (close) or +
Romance of
the Hyena
(close) or +
(to Grovel Fest)
Command Moves
Hyena Sovate +
Hyena Uppercut +
Special Moves
Hyena's Deal +
Hyena Gyro +
Hyena Dash +
├►Diving Hyena (to Grovel Fest)
└►Rolling Hyena (to Grovel Fest)
Special Moves
Flying Hyena Attack +
(during Grovel Fest) +
DOA Thrashing
This Century's Most
Fearsome Acting
This Century's Wildest
Sucker Punch!
(during Grovel
Fest) +
Hyena's Ultimate
(2 bars) +
Hyena's "Hail
Mary" Punch!
(3 bars) +
(to Grovel Fest)

KOF Maximum Impact Regulation A[edit | edit source]