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Yagumo, fanning herself:
"Even in battle, women are superior to men. It was worth the trip just to find that out. But I prefer dancing over fighting."
Yagumo, dancing with her sister:
"Shall we dance my sister?"


Combo 1
  1. Arcade-Modifier-Air.png (Arcade-NeoGeo-A.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-B.png or Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-D.png)
  2. (close, standing) Arcade-NeoGeo-A.png or Arcade-NeoGeo-B.png
  3. Quick Slash (Fireball +Arcade-Button-Punch.png) or Emmaku
Combo 2
  1. Arcade-Modifier-Air.png (Arcade-NeoGeo-A.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-B.png or Arcade-NeoGeo-C.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-D.png)
  2. (close, standing) Arcade-NeoGeo-A.png+Arcade-NeoGeo-B.png (can be juggled)
  3. Arcade-NeoGeo-B.png
  4. Quick Slash or Emmaku


Portrait KKFEoE Ziria.png
Name Input
Emmaku Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png Arcade-Button-Kick.png (location determined by kick)
KamaItachi Arcade-Stick-Qcf.png Arcade-Button-Punch.png
Momi Arcade-Stick-Qcb.png Arcade-Button-APunch.png
Suihei Kunai Nage Arcade-Stick-Down.png Arcade-Button-BPunch.png+Arcade-Button-CKick.png
Oiuchi (after a throw) Arcade-Button-Punch.png or Arcade-Button-Kick.png
BakuEn Arcade-Stick-Down.pngArcade-Stick-Down.png Arcade-Button-APunch.png
KoTen Arcade-Stick-Down.pngArcade-Stick-Down.png Arcade-Button-BPunch.png
KamiHono Arcade-Stick-Down.pngArcade-Stick-Down.png Arcade-Button-CKick.png