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Box artwork for Kagami no Kuni no Legend.
Box artwork for Kagami no Kuni no Legend.
Kagami no Kuni no Legend
Publisher(s)Victor Interactive Software
Year released1989
System(s)PC Engine Super CD-ROM²
ModesSingle player
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Kagami no Kuni no Legend (鏡の国のレジェンド? lit. Legend of the Mirror Land) is an adventure game developed by Mutech for the PC Engine Super CD-ROM² and published in Japan by Victor Interactive Software in 1989. The game features Noriko Sakai, a Japanese pop star and actress, making use of the storage capacity of the CD-ROM to present images of her, samples of her voice, and videos of her performances. Most of the background and character graphics is done in anime style, with the exception of Noriko herself, who appears in digital photos, sometimes accompanied by song performances.

The player interacts with the game world by selecting verb commands from a menu and combining them with objects or characters. Commands such as "Examine" or "Talk" appear at most screens; if an object can be taken, an appropriate command is displayed after the player has thoroughly examined a location. There is also an inventory with items that must be used at specific moments; however, there are no real puzzles in the game. Navigation is done by selecting the "Move" command; in a few locations the player navigates the hero with directional buttons in a pseudo-3D environment. Wrong choices may sometimes lead to a Game Over.


The protagonist of the game was watching a performance by the Japanese singer Noriko Sakai (NORI-P) on TV. Suddenly, the singer was caught in a whirlwind and disappeared. The hero bravely followed her into a magical alternate dimension, but ended up in a forest, unable to find her. He must now find NORI-P and defeat an evil magician in the process.

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