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Kaneko Electric Company
Kaneko Electric Company's company logo.

Kaneko Electric Company was an arcade game developer based in Tokyo, Japan, between 1981 and 2000; their first game, released in their inceptive year, was a licensed version for Tehkan's Red Clash. The following year (1982), they released Fly-Boy - which was licensed to Atari for US manufacture and distribution under the name of "Fast Freddie". In 1983 and 1984, they released Jump Coaster and VS Gong Fight which were both licensed to Taito Corporation for U.S manufacture and distribution (the latter under the naming of "Ring Fighter"); five years afterwards, in 1989, they released DJ Boy. In 1990, they released Air Buster (which was licensed to Namco), and Gals Panic (which was based on that aforementioned Taito Corporation's Qix) - and in 1991, they released The Berlin Wall (the actual one had been torn down two years earlier!), and Magical Crystals. In 1992, they released B.Rap Boys (which was the sequel to "DJ Boy"), Bakuretsu Breaker, Fujiyama Buster (released in the U.S as "Shogun Warriors"), and Nexzr; in 1993, they released Gals Panic II. In 1994, they released B.C. Kid, Blood Warrior, Great 1000 Mile Rally, Jan Jan Paradise, Packin Bang Bang and an arcade conversion of Bonk's Adventure - and in 1995, they released Gals Panic 3, Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire, and Mille Miglia 2 (which was the sequel to "Great 1000 Miles Rally"). In 1997, they released Gals Panic 4 and S as well as Saru-Kani-Hamu-Zō and Sengeki Striker; and in 1998, they released Cyvern: The Dragon Weapons. In 1999, they released Gals Panic S2 and Sen-Know - and in 2000, they released Guts'n, before getting sued by Hitachi, then ceasing to be.

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