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Box artwork for Karaoke Studio Top Hit 20 Vol. 2.
Karaoke Studio Top Hit 20 Vol. 2
Release date(s)
ModesSingle player
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Karaoke Studio Top Hit 20 Vol. 2 (カラオケスタジオ トップヒット20 VOL.2?) is the second and final expansion cassette for the Karaoke Studio music game designed by Bandai in 1987 for Nintendo's Famicom. It provides additional songs and other new content by plugging it directly into the Karaoke Studio subsystem. As an expansion, it does not come with the microphone peripheral provided by the base package.

Gameplay consists of singing along in a karaoke-manner to a series of Japanese pop songs. The player is scored on accuracy of singing. The songs have been converted into 8-bit format for use with the Famicom and as the music plays and the song's lyrics are shown, on-screen depictions of the song's themes are displayed in the background simultaneously.

Title screen

Song Selection[edit]

  1. 北酒場 (The North Bar)
  2. 三年目の浮気 (Fickleness of Three Years)
  3. 熱き心に (To a Hot Mind)
  4. 北の旅人 (Traveler to the North)
  5. 瀬戸の花嫁 (Bride of the Strait)
  6. なごり雪 (Lingering Snow)
  7. ウェディングドレス (Wedding Dress)
  8. おらおら (Oraora ("Hey!"))
  9. さよならの果実たち (Fruits of Good-bye)
  10. スターライト (Starlight)
  11. スマイルアゲイン (Smile Again)
  12. 難破船 (Shipwreck)
  13. レディ (Lady)
  14. ワンダラー (Wanderer)
  15. いとまきの唄 (Song of the Bobbin)
  16. お話し指さん (Finger Counting Story)
  17. 汽車ポッポ (Choo Choo Train)
  18. しゃぼん玉 (Soap Bubble)
  19. 手のひらを太陽に (Palm to the Sun)
  20. どんぐりころころ (Korokoro Acorn)

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