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Level House
Starting size 22cm2mm
Target size N/A
Time 5 minutes (7 in Reroll)
Comet Time N/A
Royal Present N/A

There are 133 crabs that can be picked up in this level. The Prince can pick them all up to 100% the constellation, though this isn't necessary to clear the stage or even earn an achievement/trophy in Reroll. However, if you are looking to go for 100%, start by rolling up all 16 crabs in the starting area, underneath the house.

After rolling out from under the house, pick up Lalala, a cousin hiding at the entrance of the doghouse. The katamari won't be able to fit inside the doghouse if it gets too big, so roll her up before continuing on. Then roll up the Small Fiddler Crabs and various other smaller items laying around the yard in order to be able to pick up the larger Fiddler Crabs and Coconut Crabs scattered around.

Collect the crabs inside the side room of the house before becoming too bulky to enter. Continue rolling up the crabs inside the house and in the yard in order to reach the Blue Crab, perched outside the house's entrance. Roll up the wall by the garden to find some more crabs. You may need to dash up the wall to reach the ones near the top of the wall. You can also bump the tree nearby to shake a Coconut Crab out of it, and another crab hides in the stack of flower pots. All other crabs should be in plain sight, and picking them all up should bring you to 133 crabs.