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Level House
Starting size 5cm0mm
Target size 20cm0mm
Time 6 minutes
Comet Time Achieved in 2:51, probably 3 minutes.
Royal Present* Winter Scarf

You start out in the same room. Eventually you will have access to a closet and the backyard. Start off by getting up to 7cm by picking up pachinko balls. Once up to 7cm, find the orange pieces to get up to about 10cm. Once at 10cm, go to the corner with all the blocks and frogs and pick them all up. Roll into the backyard, go left and follow the path around the garden. Pick up the knives and socks. This should put you pretty close to your goal. To get to 20cm, roll up some magnets and toy guns. Using this method, a time of under 2 minutes is possible.

Completion of this level unlocks Make a Star 3 and Make Cancer.

Royal Present[edit]

The royal present is being carried around, appropriately enough, by Santa. Once in the backyard, you should notice Santa flying around carried by reindeer made out of chicken and magnets. The present is on his sled.