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Level Town
Starting size 10cm0mm
Target size 50cm0mm
Time 8 minutes
Comet Time Achieved in 3:09, probably 4 minutes.
Royal Present* Chef Hat

To start off with, grab enough to pick up flowers. The flowers are small, but they actually give you the greatest gain. You should be around 18cm or so. Grab all the salmon cans at the exit of the starting area. All the flowers in the area that you begin in. Go left grabbing all the pillars around the bottle and then back to the dirt path. Head towards the sand castle grabbing the balls in the trays, two on the ground one that a mouse is carrying. Then grab all the shovels, and head towards the dog bowls. Collect them all avoid the dog and you should be able to collect the plastic bottles, avoid the cats. From there follow the path pass the stairs and you should reach your goal.

Completion of this level unlocks Make a Star 4.