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The menus in this game could be a little confusing to the newcomer. The main menu consists of 3 planets: Home planet, Earth, and Space Mushroom.

Home Planet[edit]

  • Data - A house. Save your game or load another game here.
  • Collection - A tree. View objects that you've collected by size or location or type.
  • View Constellations - A flashing star. View the stars, constellations, and comets you've made.
  • Presents - A present. View the royal presents you've collected and outfit the Prince.
  • Sound - A phonograph. Adjust the sound settings.
  • Vibration - A woodpecker. Adjust the vibration settings.


This is the level select screen. A green star indicates that the level has been completed. A ball with light and dark green indicates a level that hasn't been completed. A level with a box with pictures on it indicates a completed constellation. A level with a grey box that says Eternal #x indicates that you have unlocked eternal mode for that level.

Space Mushroom[edit]

This is the multiplayer screen. You choose two of the Prince's cousins to go head to head. You must have two controllers to play this mode.