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After the 15 episodes of the main story are cleared, more episodes can be unlocked to view other events that occurred throughout the anime. Purchase posters, unlocked by clearing main story episodes, at the Casino to unlock these additional episodes.

Episode 16[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 16.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Drag
  • Goal: Remove the grenades!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Dr. Reborn

Tsuna finds himself at the hospital after a catastrophic event, something that has become typical in his daily life ever since Reborn entered it. Coincidentally, the lead prefect of Tsuna's school, Hibari, also finds himself at the hospital on this day. By Tsuna's luck, he ends up in the same room as the irritable bully, and the young and irresponsible Lambo and I-Pin have arrived to stir up some trouble. Drag the stylus across the touch screen upon making contact with a grenade to have Dying Will Tsuna remove it. Remove all grenades to avoid disturbing Hibari's sleep. Focus first on removing the grenades that begin to glow red, indicating detonation.

Episode 17[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 17.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Drag
  • Goal: Remove the junk!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Tsuna

Tsuna is stuck looking after Lambo, and Lambo happens to get a lot of junk stuck in his afro. Tsuna takes it upon himself to clean up the young boy's hair; drag the stylus across the touch screen after making contact with an item stuck in Lambo's hair to pull it out. Occasionally, after pulling out an item, another will pop out to replace it, providing a challenge that requires quickness. Remove everything before time runs out to clear the mini-game.

Episode 18[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 18.png
  • Controls: Up dpad Down dpad Dodge, A button Speed Up, B button Brake
  • Goal: Escape from Romeo!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Reaper Reborn

Tsuna and an adult Lambo run into the ghost of Romeo, Bianchi's ex-boyfriend who died after ingesting too much poison and who also happens to bear a striking resemblance to Lambo. Lambo attempts to electrify him, but it's no use, and the two cowards run to protect themselves. Constantly keep a quick pace but continuously speeding up, but be wary to avoid the blue fires that float around the screen. Reach the end of the mini-map without getting caught by Romeo to clear the mini-game.

Episode 19[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 19.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Prove Lambo's guilt!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Nana

Dying Will Tsuna plays the role of Phoenix Wright in a parody of the Ace Attorney series. Reborn plays the role of the judge while his pet chameleon Leon acts as a makeshift gavel. The crime in question is proposed by Lambo. Touch the the right arrow on the touch screen with the stylus to display the second part of Lambo's testimony on the top screen. Touch the center button for Tsuna to perform an objection and point out the flaws in Lambo's statement. Lambo begins to cry, but stands his ground and modifies his testimony, requiring Tsuna to press on more of his statements; do the same for the fifth, third, and first statements, in that order, to convince Judge Reborn of the truth. Whenever you object to a statement wrongly, Reborn will call Tsuna on it and the gauge will begin to fill; fill it completely to lose the mini-game, but get Lambo to sob and admit defeat to win.

Episode 20[edit]

Part 1[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 20.png
  • Controls: Down dpad Beg, Up dpad Stop begging
  • Goal: Beg the lion for forgiveness!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Dying Will Tsuna

A visit to the zoo with Kyoko takes a disastrous turn when a lion breaks free from its artificial habitat. To protect his date, Tsuna must beg the lion for forgiveness. Beg when it's turned to Tsuna to begin to fill the gauge, then stop begging when it turns away to continue filling the gauge. Repeat these actions according to the lion's movements to clear the mini-game and salvage whatever is left of the pair's day out.

Part 2[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 20-2.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Defeat the lion!

When begging doesn't work, Dying Will Tsuna decides that he must fight back against the lion in order to protect his date. Touch the lion on the touch screen with the stylus whenever he gets close to Tsuna in order to punch him away, lowering his health and raising Kyoko's affection for Tsuna as she cheers him on. Punch him until his health is depleted to clear the mini-game and save the date.

Episode 21[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 21.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Swipe
  • Goal: Defeat Yamamoto!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Gokudera

Reborn broaches the topic of a right-hand man to Tsuna; Gokudera is desperate to prove that he's worthy of being the Vongola boss' right-hand man over Yamamoto (even though Tsuna doesn't really care), and to do so challenges Yamamoto to a fight. Swipe the stylus horizontally and repeatedly on the touch screen to make Gokudera attack Yamamoto by tossing dynamite at him, and swipe the stylus vertically when Yamamoto starts tossing baseballs Gokudera's way to defend. Fill the gauge with Gokudera's red to clear the mini-game, earning Gokudera a position as Tsuna's right-hand man.

Episode 22[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 22.png
  • Controls: Up dpad Down dpad Dodge, A button Speed Up, B button Brake
  • Goal: Escape from Bianchi!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Young Bianchi and Gokudera

Just like all siblings, Gokudera and Bianchi don't always get along. In a flashback, young Gokudera is pestered following one of his piano recitals by his sister, who wants him to try her (poisonous) cooking. Hold the speed button to keep up a pace against her, and move up and down whenever she tosses some food in Gokudera's path by avoiding the shadows as they fall. While bumping into them won't result in an immediate loss, they will slow Gokudera down, giving Bianchi a substantial lead and allowing her to catch her brother. Avoid the food and reach the end of the mini-map without getting caught by Bianchi to save young Gokudera from his fate.

Episode 23[edit]

Part 1[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 23.png
  • Controls: Neutral dpad Move
  • Goal: Dodge the poison needles!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Chikusa

When the Kokuyo arc begins, Gokudera is stopped on the street by a peculiar man who seems to know who he is. It doesn't take him long to realize that his attacker, Chikusa, is a member of Mukuro's Kokuyo Gang, and he's been sent out to exterminate a member of the Vongola Family. Chikusa attacks quickly with his yo-yo, which emits needles containing poison. Chikusa will drop the yo-yo from the top screen, and shortly afterward the needles sprout out on all sides. Always keep a distance from the yo-yo so that the gaps between needles are larger, allowing slow-moving Gokudera to pass through. Survive without getting hit by a needle by the time the countdown ends to clear the mini-game and move onto the real battle.

Part 2[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 23-2.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Defeat Chikusa!

After dodging Chikusa's attacks for long enough, Gokudera is ready to go on the offensive. Gokudera dies from one hit here, while Chikusa has a health bar that must be depleted. Touch Chikusa to throw dynamite at him, lowering his health, and touch the yo-yo whenever it approaches to defend Gokudera; a green target will appear to indicate that it's been stopped, allowing Gokudera to continue attacking. Try to hit him with many dynamite sticks at a time to deplete his health quicker; fully-deplete it to clear the mini-game and defeat Chikusa.

Episode 24[edit]

Part 1[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 24.png
  • Controls: Neutral dpad Move
  • Goal: Dodge the hazards!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Yamamoto

Reborn decides that Yamamoto will need some serious training if he's going to be a member of Tsuna's mafia family, even more so if he'll be protecting Tsuna as one of his guardians. Move Yamamoto around the baseball field to dodge the dynamite and knives that Gokudera and Reborn are tossing from the top screen. The knives are thrown in a strictly vertical pattern while the dynamite are thrown in random bunches, while the knives are fatal upon contact and the dynamite takes a while to detonate. Try not to move around too much to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the chaos and simply start moving Yamamoto when a knife or stick of dynamite gets too close. Clear the mini-game to move onto the next part of Reborn's training program.

Part 2[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 24-2.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Swipe
  • Goal: Deflect Reborn's grenades!

Reborn will now be throwing grenades Yamamoto's way, and it'll be his job to deflect them before they explode. Swipe the stylus on the touch screen when a grenade gets close enough for a red target to appear, and the grenade will be tossed in the other direction. Deflect all grenades by the time the clock finishes counting down from a minute to clear the mini-game and Yamamoto's training, proving himself as a worthy member of the mafia (although he still thinks it's all a game).

Episode 25[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 25.png
  • Controls: A button Swing
  • Goal: Hit a home run!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Baseball Yamamoto

Reborn decides to host a Vongola Family baseball game, and Mukuro joins to test Yamamoto's skill in his favorite pastime. The only thing that has to be done in order to clear the mini-game here is to swing the bat with the right timing in order to hit the ball off the field. The ball doesn't move too quickly after Mukuro pitches it, but there is a considerable delay in the time it takes for Yamamoto to swing the bat after the button is hit. Connect bat with ball before Yamamoto is kicked off of the field for three strikes to clear the mini-game and impress his colleagues.

Episode 26[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 26.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Defeat Ken!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Ken

Other battles took place during the Kokuyo arc, when Gokudera fought against yo-yo-wielding Chikusa and Tsuna fought against mastermind Mukuro. One of those battles is between Yamamoto and Ken Joshima, a member of the Kokuyo Gang who is able to channel animals, granting him new weapons such as claws and fangs. Before the mini-game begins, Ken traps Yamamoto in a ditch, forcing him into a violent fight. Both characters have health bars at the top of the screen; Ken's health must be depleted before Yamamoto's is in order to successfully clear the mini-game. Ken starts battle by jumping across the screen and off-screen, only to jump back onscreen and jump back off. This pattern continues until he eventually stops in the center and leaps toward the screen, clawing at Yamamoto and costing him health. Catch him by touching him with the stylus whenever he invades the screen to hurt him. Repeat this until his health is all gone to clear the mini-game.

Episode 27[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 27.png
  • Controls: Neutral dpad Move
  • Goal: Dodge the hazards!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Lambo

Lambo invites Reborn to the baseball field in order to lure him into his trap, all part of a scheme to get rid of the hitman once and for all. Predictably, Lambo's plan backfires, as he not only finds himself waiting hours upon hours for Reborn to show up, but actually starts to get shot at. Now Lambo must dodge missiles all while avoiding his own traps. The missiles will hone in on Lambo, adding another obstacle to the mini-game; avoid getting hit by a missile and stepping on a trap until the countdown finishes to clear the mini-game.

Episode 28[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 28.png
  • Controls: A button Fire!
  • Goal: Shoot at the last second!
  • Unlock by purchasing: 10 Year Bazooka

Lambo, depressed after continuously being ignored, sets up a display on a bridge with a gun. The goal here is to shoot the gun at the last second, according to the ten-second countdown displayed on the screen. As time goes on, the numbers will begin to fade, until by the time the clock hits three seconds, they're gone entirely. Estimate the time it takes to get from three seconds to one and shoot within the span of the last second in order to clear the mini-game. What follows is a repeat of the Episode 17 mini-game. Clear both for the money reward.

Episode 29[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 29.png
  • Controls: A button B button X button Y button Annoy
  • Goal: Annoy Gokudera!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Sad Lambo

Lambo is desperate for attention as always, and his latest victim is Gokudera. Simply press all buttons repeatedly within the span of thirty seconds to gain Gokudera's attention, indicated by filling the gauge to 100%. Gokudera will go from annoyed to fuming until he finally runs up to Lambo and punches him. Fortunately, Lambo has a grenade on hand, and he drops one for a good lead. Escape from Gokudera in a chase mini-game that mimics the Episode 22 mini-game in order to obtain the money reward.

Episode 30[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 30.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Swipe
  • Goal: Throw snowballs!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Leon

It's chaos at the school, as Dino's turtle has grown into a monstrous size and the Cavallone Family is struggling to contain the situation. The Vongola Family isn't handling it particulary well, as they've taken to running around with no solution, and Dino is following their example. Roll giant snowballs onto the top screen, where Tsuna and his friends are in a panic, by swiping up with the stylus on the touch screen. Aim the snowballs by swiping toward the preferred direction. Down the group of four with snowballs to clear the mini-game.

Episode 31[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 31.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Beat up the delinquents!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Hibari

Hibari is relaxing in the Namimori Middle Disciplinary Committee HQ when he's suddenly approached by a problem. Delinquents are wreaking havoc in the school, and it's up to Hibari to stop them. Naturally, he handles the situation the only way he knows how: with his tonfa. Students will be rushing at Hibari from the left and right sides of the screen. Touch them with the stylus to take them down when they come close enough. The point of impact is indicated by a blue mark. Missing the mark by a little will leave the student standing, giving him an opportunity to bring Hibari's health down. The student count is in the bottom-left of the screen. Take down all fifty to clear the mini-game.

Episode 32[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 32.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Defeat Chikusa and Ken!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Tonfas

It's on Hibari to battle both Ken and Chikusa, not that he's intimidated. Chikusa and Ken may come from the left or right of the screen, together or separately, as Hibari stands in the center. When either of them get close, touch them with the stylus and they'll be thrown back by Hibari's tonfa attack. Occasionally, they'll slide across the screen instead of stopping by Hibari, in which case they can't be hit. Wait for them to stop before touching them. Hit them enough so that both of their health bars are depleted to clear the mini-game.

Episode 33[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 33.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Defeat the dojo!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Gyoza

Young I-Pin's nearsightedness has gotten her into trouble with a dojo, with Ryohei and Tsuna along for the ride. Unfortunately for the martial artists in training, I-Pin's skills as an assassin allows her to battle all of them on her own. Like the previous two mini-games, I-Pin stands in the center of the screen as martial arts students rush at her from either side of the screen. Touch them with the stylus as they approach to take them down. Defeat all seventy without losing all of I-Pin's health to clear the mini-game.

Episode 34[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 34.png
  • Controls: Left dpad Right dpad Dodge
  • Goal: Dodge Hibari's attacks!
  • Unlock by purchasing: I-Pin

I-Pin answers the challenge to a battle with Hibari. Move left or right according to Hibari's movements. Dodge as he raises his tonfa to avoid his strike. Most of his range is to his left, so it's best to be to the right of his attacks. Approximately three attacks will fully-deplete I-Pin's health. Avoid enough attacks so that I-Pin still has some health by the time the clock runs out in order to defeat Hibari in the test of speed.

Episode 35[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 35.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Circle
  • Goal: Punch Lambo!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Ryohei

Reborn brings Lambo to Ryohei as he's training. As a test of strength for the new Vongola Family member, Reborn has Lambo restrained so that Ryohei can show his boss, Tsuna, just how he can help him in battle. Tsuna and Lambo aren't very pleased about the idea, but Ryohei is excited. Charge Ryohei's punch by circling the stylus on the screen in a clockwise motion. Continue until the meter at the top of the screen reaches 100%, at which point Ryohei will have reached his full power and can punch Lambo with all he's got. Accomplish this before time expires to clear the mini-game.

Episode 36[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 36.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Swipe
  • Goal: Catch I-Pin!
  • Unlock by purchasing: I-Pin 10 Years Later

Ryohei spots an adult I-Pin for the first time and immediately becomes attracted. It doesn't seem like she feels the same way, but that doesn't stop Ryohei and his ever-burning enthusiasm. He immediately engages on a chase against Tsuna's wishes. Swipe the stylus across the screen in a leftward motion in order to make Ryohei move faster. Perform the motion rapidly, paying attention to the cars that make their way across the intersections in case Ryohei needs to slow down. The map at the top of the screen shows the positions of Ryohei and I-Pin relative to the beginning and the end of the street. Catch up to I-Pin before she reaches the finish to clear the mini-game.

Episode 37[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 37.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Swipe
  • Goal: Catch the gangsters!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Cavallone Family

While Dino is spending time with Tsuna and Reborn, his subordinate, Romario, arrives to let him know that some rival mafia have attacked the Cavallone Family. Dino springs into action and runs after the troublesome gangsters, beginning another chase mini-game, this time with Romario on the top screen to encourage his boss and prevent his clumsiness. Swipe left on the touch screen with the stylus repeatedly in order to speed up Dino's run. Catch the group of gangsters before they reach the end of the map to execute some mafia justice.

Episode 38[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 38.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Circle
  • Goal: Stir the pot!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Bianchi

Despite her lack of ability in the culinary arts, Bianchi takes it upon herself to educate the younger Kyoko and Haru on baking. Because the girls don't know any better, they enthusiastically agree to the impromptu baking lesson, and the group begins to work on a cake. Have Bianchi stir the pot of toxic waste that is supposed to be cake mix by circling the stylus on the touch screen in the indicated direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise). Fill the meter at the top of the screen to 100% in order to finish preparing the meal.

Episode 39[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 39.png
  • Controls: Left dpad Right dpad Dodge
  • Goal: Dodge M.M.'s attacks!
  • Unlock by purchasing: M.M.

Bianchi arrives on the Vongola vs. Kokuyo battlefield to battle M.M., the clarinet-wielding delinquent. Neither of the girls seem very impressed with each other's weapons, but nevertheless, the fight begins. M.M. will be using her Burning Vibrato attacks, visible on the top screen. Bianchi must dodge M.M.'s shots by moving left or right, into the small safe space that they leave. Stay centered between shots in case the free space is on the opposite side of the screen from where Bianchi stands, as M.M.'s shots move too quickly for Bianchi to make a run across the whole screen without getting hurt. One hit will defeat Bianchi, so don't get hit until time runs out to successfully clear the mini-game.

Episode 40[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 40.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Reject the boys!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Dr. Shamal

Dr. Shamal, the notorious assassin and womanizer, has decided to settle down and take up work as a nurse at Namimori Middle School. Tsuna is none too pleased about this decision, but just like most everything in Tsuna's life, he doesn't really have a say in the matter. Because of his status as a serial womanizer, Dr. Shamal refuses to treat male patients, including the students of Namimori Middle, only offering his service to female students. The top screen shows the student that comes to see Dr. Shamal, and the bottom screen holds a mosquito. Touch the mosquito when a boy attempts to enter the nurse's office to forcefully turn them away, and do nothing when a girl arrives to allow them in. Accept enough girls for the meter to fill to 100%, making sure to turn away every boy, to clear the mini-game.

Episode 41[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 41.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Defeat Zizi!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Birds and the Bloody Twins

During the battle between the Vongola Family and the Kokuyo Gang, Dr. Shamal interferes on Tsuna's behalf to pick a fight with one half of the infamous serial killers, the Bloody Twins. Touch Zizi as he moves in order to stop him in his tracks with a dangerous mosquito. He moves quickly and even off-screen, so watch his movements carefully. In some cases, he'll stop to perform an attack of his own. When he begins his claw attack, block it by touching the attack spot with a mosquito. Deplete his health before he can deplete Dr. Shamal's to clear the mini-game and win the battle.

Episode 42[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 42.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Circle
  • Goal: Conjure rankings!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Fuuta

Fuuta is a useful bank of information, acting as a human database for his allies. This also makes him very dangerous, so he is often the target of attacks by rival mafia. Fortunately, he's under Tsuna's care now, and Reborn makes sure of that. One day, Reborn takes Fuuta to Namimori Middle in order to conjure up some rankings for him. Move the stylus in a rapid circular motion to make Fuuta find the information Reborn needs, despite the horror of students Gokudera and Yamamoto. Fill the gauge to 100% before time runs out to clear the mini-game.

Episode 43[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 43.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Swipe
  • Goal: Hit Tsuna!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Haru

When Haru is angered by her crush, dense middle school student and mafia boss Tsuna, she only has one course of action prepared: physical violence. Swipe the stylus left when the vertically-moving target intersects with the horizontal bar in the center of the screen to make Haru smack Tsuna with all her might and make him think twice about angering her with his density again. Do the deed before time runs out to clear the mini-game.

Episode 44[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 44.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Drag
  • Goal: Eat the cake!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Kyoko

La Namimorin's is Kyoko and Haru's favorite bakery, so they naturally come running when Tsuna's house happens to have Namimorin cakes. However, this visit turns competitive when the girls become possessive of the addictive cakes, leading into an epic cake-eating battle: Kyoko vs. Haru. Drag the stylus down on the piece of cake with a pink highlight around it to eat it. When the three slices of one cake are finished, the next one will be placed in front of Kyoko so she can continue. Progress faster than Haru to have Kyoko's red bar fill the gauge at the top and clear the mini-game.

Episode 45[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 45.png
  • Controls: Up dpad Down dpad Dodge, A button Speed Up, B button Brake
  • Goal: Escape from Bianchi!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Lambo 10 Years Later

Lambo becomes an adult with the use of the 10 Year Bazooka, but his transformation catches Bianchi's attention. In this state, Lambo bears a striking resemblance to Bianchi's now-deceased boyfriend, Romeo, and so she obsessively chases Lambo in order to make him try her cooking - the same poisonous cooking that killed Romeo. Escape from Bianchi by slowing down to avoid cars and moving up and down to avoid the poison that she throws in an attempt to slow Lambo down. While the poison does significantly delay Lambo's escape, it doesn't conclude the mini-game, as Lambo will only face defeat if he is caught by the quick-moving Bianchi. Reach the end of the map to successfully outrun her and clear the mini-game.

Episode 46[edit]

KHR Shinuki Max episode 46.png
  • Controls: Stylus button Touch
  • Goal: Defeat Didi!
  • Unlock by purchasing: Serious I-Pin 10 Years Later

In the battle between the Vongola Family and the Kokuyo Gang, I-Pin interferes on Tsuna's behalf in order to protect Kyoko and Haru. She uses the Ten Year Bazooka in order to advance her abilities past her early youth and into adulthood, making her much more capable of taking on one half of the infamous serial killer duo, the Bloody Twins. Just as Dr. Shamal battled Zizi, I-Pin is taking on his brother, Didi. Touch him when he gets close to make I-Pin kick him away. Hesitating too long will result in I-Pin getting attacked instead, so move quickly. Get his health down before he can make I-Pin lose all of hers to clear the final mini-game.