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Kikikaikai dotouhen map1.png

The map above illustrates the layout of the first overworld.

  • The black letters in yellow circles indicate connecting paths. A connects with A, B connects with B, and so on.
  • The yellow S in the black circle is the starting location for the game.
  • The yellow ! in the black circles are paths which lead to the second overworld map.
  • The black numbers in cyan circles indicate the location of the first three dungeons where the gods are captured.

The map also illustrates the layout for the dungeons. Every dungeon is identical, both in layout and regular enemy occupation. The only thing that differs between any dungeon are the boss encounters at the end.

Daikokuten dungeon[edit]

  1. When you start, wave your purification wand 20 times. This will cause five stacks of ten Ofuda cards to appear around you, increasing your Ofuda count by 50.
  2. Walk up and continue until you see the first hut on the right. Hit the Ogei girl in the head with five Ofuda cards, and enter the hut to find a shop. At the very least, spend 40 cards to upgrade the power of your Ofuda. Spening 50 cards on a barrier or 30 on a Crystal is optional.
  3. From the hut, walk back down a short distance, and follow the branching path to the west. When you reach the next fork, follow the path south. As you do, use the purification wand to bat away the Rumuru which provide you with five Ofuda cards for each defeat. When you reach the bottom, use the wand on the statue to increase your current Onigiri (rice ball) count by 3 (up to a maximum of 6).
  4. Continue along the path to the west until you reach the intersection, and then take the north road (path D) to shortcut your way to the first dungeon. When you reach the next intersection, travel left until you see the path branch to the south. Take the southern branch and follow it all the way around to the first (壱) dungeon.

Dungeon walkthrough[edit]

Note: The following walkthrough applies to every dungeon in this game.

  1. Pay the 50 Ofuda card entrance fee (just push A button when you see the text appear), and enter the dungeon. Proceed north to encounter the Puka Pukas and Bake Chouchin. Then start moving east. Here you will encounter two Tousenbous. You can only defeat them by hitting them with six red Ofuda cards. You can easily defeat them by shooting at them from their left side. If you defeat them, they will drop 50 Ofuda cards for you to collect. Absolutely defeat both as long as your Ofuda is still powered up to increase your card count.
  2. Continue east until you can only go north again. Follow the path to the north, past more Puka Pukas and Bake Chouchin. It is safest to run up the right side of the path, taking care to remove just one Bake Chouchin that appears close to the right. If you have red Ofuda, you can fire a single card to the left that passes through all three enemies in a formation, increasing your Ofuda count by two.
  3. When you reach the top of this path, you will enter the boss room.

Dungeon boss[edit]

Kikikaikai dotouhen Mametou red.png

The boss of stage 1 is known as a red Mametou, which is quite literally a bean head. He wanders back and forth in a semicircle along the top half of the screen. To fight this boss, Sayo can safely remain on the bottom half of the screen, and shoot up along the center. Every now and then, the boss will reach into his bowl and throw three groups of beans at Sayo. Move Sayo just enough to avoid getting hit by the thrown beans and resume firing up at the boss. Don't forget that the boss is highly vulnerable to attack when he first arrives in the room and before he begins to attack you, so get plenty of shots in before he starts to move.

If you defeat the red Mametou, you will rescue Daikokuten. Daikokuten is variously considered to be the god of wealth, or of the household, particularly the kitchen. He is recognized by his wide face, smile, and a flat hat. He is often portrayed holding a golden mallet called an Uchide Nokozuchi, otherwise known as a magic money mallet, and is seen seated on bales of rice.

You will then be transported to a magical cloud area where you can collect many stacks of Ofuda cards, but only if you can avoid falling through the invisible holes in the clouds. It is quite difficult to go very far without falling, although the path remains the same every time you visit this area. After you have fallen through the clouds, you will continue the game right outside the cave entrance.

Bishamonten dungeon[edit]

It is actually faster to challenge the third dungeon from this location and then challenge the second dungeon than the other way around.

  1. From the entrance to the first dungeon, travel south, west, and north until you return to the main path which contains enemies. From there, travel east. Continue east through the first intersection, then stop on the center of the tiles on the path. Wave your purification wand 20 times to collect five more stacks of ten Ofuda cards that appear around you.
  2. Continue east until you see a path headed to the north (path C). Travel north along this path, crossing bridges until you can't go any farther, and then travel west until a path to the south becomes available. Follow this path and you will reach the entrance to the third (参) dungeon. Follow along with the dungeon walkthrough listed above.

Dungeon boss[edit]

Kikikaikai dotouhen Three Eyed Monk.png

The boss of this dungeon is a three eyed prayer-bead monk. Instead of wearing his prayer beads like a good monk should, he throws them at you in groups of three much like the previous boss Mametou did. The only difference is that he does not follow any specific pattern of movement, but rather moves around the room somewhat haphazardly. That being said, he appears to become a lot more aggressive if Sayo ever stands to the left of him or directly above him, and will rush towards her much faster than if she is standing anywhere else. Other than this, your strategy against him should be the same as the last boss fight.

Bishamonten is the god of wealth that you rescue from the monk. Bishamonten is a protector of the righteous and a symbol of authority. He is the god of prosperity (symbolized by the 'treasure tower'), the god of war and patron of warriors (symbolized by the defensive armor and offensive weapon). He brings good luck in both battle and defense.

Hotei dungeon[edit]

  1. After you return from the Ofuda cloud bonus, return south, west, and north until you're back on the main path with the enemies again. From here, travel to the west to reach the intersection and take the north path. Be especially careful around the Minojii that attack you here, they are quite fast. Bat them away by swinging your purification wand continuously.
  2. Continue north until the path branches to the west. You must walk quite a distance to the west, facing more Minojii as you go, before the tiles lead to a path that heads north. Follow the north path to the second (弐) dungeon. Follow the dungeon walkthrough above until you reach the boss.

Note that if it is night time outside, you will perceive the dungeon interior as being nighttime as well.

Dungeon boss[edit]

Kikikaikai dotouhen Raidenou.png

The boss of this dungeon is the Lightning King, Raidenou. He arrives on the screen floating on a thunder cloud. He has two different lightning attacks. From his left hand (on the right side of the screen), he can shoot a large lightning bolt which travels a short distance, strikes the ground, and starts a fire where it landed. The fire will remain on the screen for a while and must be avoided. From his right hand (left side), he shoots small lightning bolts, which travel all the way across the screen until they disappear. He will always perform both attacks together. Because the large lightning bolt has a short range, he generally tries to get close to you before attacking. However, he doesn't move very fast, and if you walk to the opposite side of the room from where he arrives, it's actually possible to fire very rapidly at him as he approaches you, and defeat him before he can reach you.

The wealth god that you rescue this time is Hotei. Like Daikokuten, he stands for wealth, but he is also the god of laughter and happiness by being content with what you have. He is depicted as a laughing fat man with a bag of rice over his shoulders and kids. He carries his few possessions in a cloth sack, being poor but content, and he is admired for his happiness, plenitude, and wisdom of contentment.

To the second overworld[edit]

When you return from the Ofuda cloud bonus, head south to return to the main pathway, and begin walking to the west. Swat the Rumuru that attack you to increase your Ofuda by five for each one that you hit. You will pass a statue that you can wave your purification wand over for three more Onigiri if you need it. After three sets of Bake Chouchin, you will see an arrow facing left on the ground. Continue to the edge of the screen to reach the second overworld.