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  • Neutral dpad: Use the direction pad to direct Sayo (or Miki) throughout the world. They can move in eight directions; any of the four cardinal directions and any of the four diagonals.
  • A button: Press the A button to swing Sayo's or Miki's purification wand, the Gohei (also known as an onbe or heisoku). If they connect the wand with an enemy, the enemy will get batted away.
  • B button: Press B to throw an ofuda talisman in the direction that Sayo or Miki is facing. They can only throw an ofuda if they have any left in their supply. They can throw multiple talismans onto the screen at one time.
  • A button+B button: Press both attack buttons together when you have any crystals in stock to utilize one of those crystals destroy all enemies on the screen.
  • Start button: Press the Start button to start a new game or to pause the action mid-game.
  • Select button: Press the select button to alternate between showing your current inventory, and the current time and date. Press the Select button while the game is paused to alternate between Sayo and Miki if you have chosen a two player game.


Sayo and Miki are two shrine maidens that get involved in an adventure to rescue the seven gods of fortune (along with an eighth god, the high god). They must run around areas of feudal Japan which have had space twisted and warped around by the evil demons who have kidnapped the gods. In a single player game (first title screen option), only Sayo is available. In a two player game (second title screen option), Miki is available to the second player when the first player passes control to Miki (by pressing Start button to pause the game and pressing Select button) or when Sayo loses her life. Miki has her own Ofuda, Onigiri, and Crystal count independent of Sayo.

Sayo and Miki have three forms of attack. They can wave the Gohei, a purification wand that bats away most of the smaller demons that confront her. They also have Ofuda talismans, which they can throw at the enemy. They only have a limited number of these cards, but they collect more by defeating certain enemies. Ofuda cards are also used as currency throughout the game, in order to purchase items, or access caves. The most Ofuda cards either player may carry is 999. One of the items they can purchase are crystal balls which may be used in a pinch to destroy every visible enemy. The most Crystals either player my carry is eight.

Both Sayo and Miki can sustain a certain number of hits before losing their life. The number of hits they can take is determined by the number of Onigiri, or rice balls, they have left. They may hold a maximum of 6 Onigiri. For each hit, they lose one Onigiri, and if the Onigiri reach zero, they will lose their life. When they are down to just one Onigiri, their walk speed will slow down slightly. When Sayo, or both Sayo and Miki lose their lives, the game is over. The player may then choose to Save, Continue, or Reset on the following screen. You have the ability to continue (third title screen option) from where you last saved the game. Saving the game in the middle of playing costs 10 Ofuda cards, and causes the game to return to the title screen.

Shop options[edit]

The shop

In order to enter a shop, you must find any of the huts scattered throughout the land, and shoot the head of the girl with the unusually long neck until she is defeated. At that time the doors will open and you may enter inside. Once there, you will be presented with a menu of options. Each option is a different price. Use Up dpad and Down dpad to highlight a different choice, A button to purchase that choice (assuming you have enough Ofuda cards to purchase it), and B button to leave the shop. The following is a list of items available from the shop:

Price Item Description
50 Barrier A barrier of Ofuda cards will surround you and save Sayo or Miki from five attacks. This does not make them invulnerable, the card must hit the attacks to be effective.
40 Red Ofuda If you purchase this item, the power of your Ofuda cards will increase, and they will turn red. They will pass through enemies that they hit, and be able to defeat certain enemies that are otherwise invulnerable to attack. You will lose this ability if you are ever hit, even just once.
30 Crystal Using a crystal will destroy every enemy that is present on the screen. Activate them by pressing A button+B button. You may not carry more than eight crystals at a time.
20 Onigiri These rice balls are equivalent to Sayo's and Miki's health meter. They may sustain one attack for every Onigiri they possess. Therefore, for the cost of 20 Ofuda cards, you are buying one extra life point.
10 Save You may save the game while you are in the middle of playing for the cost of 10 Ofuda cards. After the game is saved, you are automatically returned to the title screen. Choose the third option to continue your game. You will start at the starting point, but all of your progress will remain the same.