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Game flow[edit]

To complete the game, Sayo (and Miki) must rescue the seven gods of fortune, as well as the king god, and defeat the three gods of poverty. In order to rescue the gods of fortune, Sayo must locate seven caves which are scattered throughout the land. The land is broken up into two different sections, the first of which is simpler than the second. Each time Sayo finds a cave, she must sacrifice 50 of her Ofuda cards in order to enter. Once inside, the layout and contents of each dungeon is identical except for the boss which is keeping one of the gods kidnapped. Sayo must defeat the boss to rescue each god. Once the seven gods of fortune are located, Sayo must find the secret location of the king god. When the king god has been rescued, it will be time for Sayo to face and defeat the three gods of poverty in a final climactic battle.


There is a timer that runs throughout the game. It starts in the morning on January 8th, and time flows throughout the game, alternating between day and night. Aside from the color that the region is presented in, there is little difference between day and night. The game must be complete before the timer reaches December 31st, or the game will end.


Playing and surviving KiKi KaiKai: Dotou Hen isn't incredibly difficult. The challenge of the game comes from the unusual layout of the overworld regions. Space is warped in the overworld, such that if you tried to map out every possible pathway on a continuous sheet of paper, paths would overlap and some would extend infinitely. In order to properly map the world such that you do not have to rely on the maps provided in this guide, you must make note of what features and enemies you encounter between intersections. The landscape is quite barren, and many sections look similar to one another. However, the enemies that you face tend to be unique along certain pathways. They are a good criteria to judge whether the path you are visiting is new or previously seen. Once you are able to recognize certain pathways by the enemies and features they contain, you should be able to construct a map which illustrate how the various pathways connect to one another.