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Hearts serve as the currency of Angel Land. People exchange them for other goods such as life restoring bottle and chalices, or fortress mapping items.

Small Heart Half Heart Large Heart
Kid Icarus Heart Small.png
The small heart is the unit of Angel Land currency.
Kid Icarus Heart Half.png
A half heart is worth five small hearts.
Kid Icarus Heart Large.png
Collecting a large heart adds ten hearts to your total.

Enchanted Weapons[edit]

You'll only gain possession of these items if you withstand the torture of the training rooms. Only then will the gods bestow one of the three enchanted weapons upon Pit. But possession alone is not enough if you wish to use them. The weapons will only activate when you have three full bars of health. Once activated, they will remain in effect unless they are stolen away from you by the Plutons.

Crystal Rod Flaming Arrow Sacred Bow
Kid Icarus Crystal Rod.png
Once active, the Crystal Rod graces Pit with the protection of two crystals. These crystals will revolve around Pit continuously, crashing into any enemy that dares to get too close to him. They possess the same level of strength as Pit's arrows, so they won't necessarily destroy an enemy with a single hit. Probably the most valuable Enchanted Weapon out of the three.
Kid Icarus Flaming Arrow.png
The Flaming Arrow weapon enchants all of the arrows that Pit fires from his bow. Each arrow will contain a flame that orbits the tip. This flame can hit enemies independently of the arrow and do extra damage. It will only travel as far as Pit's arrows do.
Kid Icarus Sacred Bow.png
Pit's regular bow can only fire arrows a short distance away from him. Once it becomes activated, the Sacred Bow will allow Pit to fire arrows all the way to the end of the screen. Only two arrows may be fired on the screen at the same time, so you must time your shots carefully, so as not to leave Pit defenseless.

Sacred Treasures[edit]

Kid Icarus Treasure Chest.png

The three sacred treasures are the only items that will endow Pit with the power to defeat Medusa, the goddess of darkness. Each one is protected by the three powerful fortress guardians. They must all be defeated in order for Pit to collect the chests that contain the treasures. Not only that, but the treasures will not open unless all three are brought close to one another, at which point, Pit can don the treasures at take his battle directly to Medusa.

Mirror Shield Arrow of Light Pegasus Wings
Kid Icarus Mirror Shield.png
Only the Mirror Shield possess the ability to repel the stone-causing gaze of Medusa's eye beams. Without it, Pit would become a helpless statue.
Kid Icarus Light Arrow.png
The Arrow of Light is a beam of pure energy, and can therefore pass through several enemies as it travels forward. Use it to attack Medusa's eye.
Kid Icarus Pegasus Wings.png
The Pegasus Wings can enhance Pit's own wings' power and grant him the ability of true flight. He will need it to reach Palutena's Sky Palace.

Normal items[edit]

These items can be found throughout Angel Land. They each serve useful purposes. Learn when to utilize each of them to maximize their effectiveness.

Chalice Mallet Harp
Kid Icarus Chalice.png
Each chalice contains a magical elixir that restores up to one meter of health. A few of these can be found strewn throughout Angel Land, but most of the time you will need to purchase one from the various shops.
Kid Icarus Mallet.png
Smashing one of the Centurion statues placed around the fortresses with a mallet is the way to break the Medusa's curse and free the Centurion soldiers. Mallets can be obtained by buying them from shops, or transforming enemies into mallets with the harp.
Kid Icarus Harp.png
By collecting the rare harps that can be found throughout Angel Land, Pit will begin to play a tune that will temporarily transform every enemy within hearing range into mallets that slowly float down through the air.
Power Arrow Credit Card Treasure Pot
Kid Icarus Arrow.png
If Pit has accomplished enough deeds to impress the gods, they will grant him with greater strength by improving the offensive power of his arrows. With each increase in strength, Pit can overcome his enemies with fewer arrows.
Kid Icarus Credit Card.png
The credit card is a rare item that can only be won in treasure rooms that provides Pit with the ability to purchase items from the black market on credit. After being used, any hearts collected immediately go towards paying off the debt.
Kid Icarus Treasure Pot.png
Eight treasure pots can be found in each treasure room. Shooting one with an arrow costs five hearts. The god of poverty is hiding inside one of these pots and will appear unless that pot is the last one struck.

Black Market items[edit]

Shopping at the black market can set you back quite a large number of hearts, but it may be your only opportunity to buy life saving items if you are in a clutch. The Black Marketeer has struck a deal with the thieving Pluton and will sell you the special weapons that the Plutons snatch from you at a very steep price. Fortunately, the black market accepts credit if you possess the credit card and can't afford to pay for everything up front.

Bottle of Life Barrel Angel Feather
Kid Icarus Bottle of Life.png
Possession of a Bottle of Life will keep Pit alive after he loses all of his health. Pit will automatically restore one bar of health for every bottle he possesses whenever he runs out of life. Without the barrel, you can only hold one Bottle of Life at a time.
Kid Icarus Barrel.png
What's better than holding one Bottle of Life? Holding eight of them. But you'll never be able to hold more than one without this barrel. The Black Market is the only place where you can purchase one, but there's one other way to obtain one.
Kid Icarus Angel Feather.png
Normally, when Pit falls off the bottom of the screen, the game is over and you must start from the beginning of the level. If you possess an Angel Feather, however, Pit will temporarily be able to fly, and can float back up to the top of the screen. Use the direction pad to guide him until the feather wears off.

Mapping items[edit]

You will only find the following items in each of the fortresses. They are needed to help you plot your way around the maze like buildings. They can be found lying around, or they can be purchased from within fortress shops. The items cannot be transferred from one fortress to another, so you'll need to collect or purchase them anew in each fortress.

Map Pencil Torch
Kid Icarus Map.png
The map is of course an essential item for the purpose of mapping the various rooms of each fortress. But the map alone will not help you. You'll need at least a pencil to begin marking rooms on the map. Once obtained, the map can be seen on your inventory screen.
Kid Icarus Pencil.png
The pencil allows you to tick off rooms on the map which correspond to the rooms that you've visited in the fortress. All rooms that you've visited will be colored differently. This helps you figure out where you still need to go.
Kid Icarus Torch.png
Just as the pencil can help you figure out where you've been and where you need to go, the torch really helps you determine where you are. With the torch, your current location in the fortress will blink on the map.