Kid Icarus/Stage 1-2

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The steps of the second stage are icy and very slippery underfoot, so push the controller back to slow yourself, and be careful not to fall down. Special techniques such as pushing up on the controller button to activate the emergency brake will be useful. There are a lot of rooms to visit in this stage, but a majority of them are front-loaded into the first half of the stage.

Part A Part B
Kid Icarus Stage1-2A.png
  • On the way to door D, you'll encounter a number of Shemums falling from the sky, and another Reaper guarding the entrance. You can deal with this Reaper a little differently than the others. It's possible to position Pit below the Reaper's platform such that if he shoots an arrow upward, it will graze the edge of the platform. You can use this technique to shoot the Reaper in the foot with rapid-fire and while avoiding the danger of being seen. Door D leads to the first shop of the game. You can try haggling with the shop keeper to lower the prices, but it doesn't always work unless you've been very brave.
  • Around door C, you'll be forced to travel from the left side of the screen to the right. The bad news is that a Reaper is waiting to make Pit's journey difficult on the other side. The good news is, you can safely squat on the right side and avoid detection. Attack the Reaper when he's looking the other way. Door C leads to a second Specknose nest for this stage. As before, make sure you grab the Cup of Life overhead before you enter the door, or you'll miss the precious opportunity to restore your health.
  • The next section consists of jumping along icy platforms, while Monoeyes continue to attack. You can jump through them, but you can also potentially fall through them if you squat, so avoid pressing down unless it's safe to drop below. Door B contains the first Black Market. Only purchase a Barrel if you have the 500 Hearts, otherwise proceed onward.
  • Not long after you begin your ascent, you will chance upon a Cup of Life just ahead of door A. If you can manage, wait until all four squadrons of Monoeyes and Shemums are exhausted before either grabbing the Cup or entering the door. But do grab the Cup before you enter the door because it won't be there when you return. The door leads to a Specknose nest, where you can potentially collect 80 more hearts.
  • Monoeyes will fly on to the screen as soon as the stage begins. Shemums drop out of the sky shortly after you jump off the lowest level. Take them on slowly and destroy as many as you can before advancing. You will now need to take advantage of the wrap-around nature of the screen to travel from one side of the stage to the other in order to advance higher.
Kid Icarus Stage1-2B.png
  • When you finally make it to the final portion of the stage, a new enemy decides to introduce itself; the Commyloose. Commylooses appear in groups of four much like many other enemies. They leap up from the bottom of the screen, with the hopes of landing back down on solid ground, before leaping back into the air. They can be very unpredictable as they transition instantly from being motionless to moving quite fast. Destroy as many as you can, however, as this is your last opportunity to impress the gods before you reach door E. If you've done a good job up to now, Zeus will be waiting inside with your first arrow power upgrade. Try to finish this stage with 50,000 total points.
  • Continue to climb up the stage using the floating platforms to reach higher levels than before. Watch out for McGoos that like to appear while you standing in wait for a platform to arrive. Keep an eye on your feet and make sure they aren't choosing rise directly beneath you.
  • This portion of the stage introduces floating platforms that glide back and forth. If nothing stops them on the edge of the screen, they continue on to the opposite side. Patience is the key when jumping from one platform to another. Fortunately, enemy activity is usually reduced when platforms are on the screen. It is extremely difficult to ride the platform near the Reaper without getting caught, so be prepared to fight the squad of Reapettes that appear when summoned.
  • Just like in the previous stage, you'll have to do some very careful jumping to cross the lower portion of the second half of the stage. Unlike the first stage, you may also have to contend with Monoeyes if the screen has scrolled high enough to trigger them. Shemums will join the fight as you get higher.