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This stage is the longest vertically scrolling stage. The final third portion of the stage can be seen below the first two. You must pay attention as there are many dangerous obstacles around the stage. There is a place on the approach to the fortress where Commyloose will crawl from beneath. Find a safe place and strike them down to impress the gods and earn a reward. This is also the first stage where inanimate objects can hurt you. If you fall into the pools of lava, or graze the poisonous branches at the edge of platforms, Pit will sustain damage. The target is 80,000 total points, but 100,000 would be ideal.

Part A Part B
Kid Icarus Stage1-3A.png
  • As you finish the first third of the stage, Monoeyes will join the attack against Pit. It may appear that you have to make a choice about which route to go, but there are a few openings on the sides that will allow you to transfer from one side to another after you've chosen a particular path. The right path is a little more open than the left, but it also contains Shemums. The right path is also a more direct route to door C.
  • Continue to make steady progress up the stage as Shemums and Nettlers try to slow you down. You will reach a portion of the stage that contains pools of lava. This dangerous red liquid will drain Pit of his health, so avoid it at all costs. Fight enemies from a safe location before moving on. Note that while the platform that compose the pools of lava will prevent you from falling, Pit will fall through the pillars at the end. Door B leads to a shop. You should be able to haggle with the shop keep if you received an arrow upgrade from the previous stage.
  • A stream of Shemums and Nettlers will greet you after you begin the stage, and as you work your way up to door A. Be prepared to deal with the Nettler's ability to duck under your arrows, and reposition yourself for a continued attack if necessary. Door A contains a Specknose nest.
Kid Icarus Stage1-3B.png
  • As you begin to navigate through this narrow green portion of the stage, Commyloose will continue to pursue you. To make matters worse, the openings that lead to higher levels of the stage are covered with poisonous branches on either side. Pit will have to learn to jump straight up before pushing to the left or right to clear the branches without sustaining damage.
  • This is another section where you must climb platforms, traverse from one side of the screen to the other, and avoid lava pools. To make life more difficult, Commylooses join the fight at this point, appearing from the bottom of the screen, and scrambling across the stage if they manage to land on a platform. A harp is located above and can be used to transform enemies into mallets, but it's harder to utilize this harp effectively to add to your mallet collection.
  • A set of floating platforms will aid Pit as he climbs higher through the stage. Two of these platforms are positioned between poisonous branches, so Pit must be aware of his position on the platform as they travel from side to side. However, the platforms travel slow enough for Pit to anticipate their close proximity.
  • Door C contains a treasure room. Enter it for a chance to earn a rare prize like a barrel or a credit card. As you continue to climb up this region, you must learn to steer clear of the four pronged poisonous branches. Touching them will harm Pit.
Part C
Kid Icarus Stage1-3C.png
  • McGoos will hound you throughout the final leg of this stage. If you are confident dealing with them, you can ensure that your score advances all the way to 100,000 where you receive the fourth (second to last) health meter increase. One more Reaper also haunts a platform shortly before the exit. Approach with caution.
  • Door E leads to the first training room. It is guarded by a Reaper, so take care of him before you advance. Enter the training room and endure the harsh training to be granted your selection of one of the three enchanted weapons. There's no particularly safe place to stand, but avoid the very center of the room. If you succeed, be sure to pick up the Crystal Rod first for a great boost in defense. It may not activate right away. If you're not healthy enough, it will remain dormant until you heal your wounds sufficiently.
  • Another set of floating platforms will help you climb to the top. Just beware of the poisonous branches that await on either side. Be patient and wait for the best time to advance.
  • Door D leads to a Black Market. Only purchase a feather or a barrel from here if you hearts are maxed out at 999. As you finish climbing this portion of the stage, McGoos will pop out of the ground while you attempt to deal with the Commylooses. If you decided to stand your ground while dealing with the Commyloose, watch your feet and the surrounding areas for this fiery enemy. You can shoot at the Reaper's feet at the top of this section.