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Welcome to Skyworld. You have to make your climb all the way up to the Skyworld fortress in order to enter Palutena's Sky Palace. You will be making this climb in the evening, against a pitch black sky. Skyworld plays nearly identically to the Underworld, with a few trickier jumps and obstacles. Fortunately, this level begins with a Pool of Recovery, making it a very convenient level to stop and start over on since you will be able to restore your life right away after entering a password.

Part A Part B
Kid Icarus Stage3-1A.png
  • Collins will continue to appear as you make the leap from each small round block to the next. Be careful and don't overshoot your target. The blocks are positioned advantageously for Pit's jumping ability, so you shouldn't need to do anything tricky to succeed.
  • In addition to the Collins, Eeleyes, and Shemums that drop down, a new enemy, the Holer, will start appearing from the clouds themselves. These enemies are no different than McGoo and Girin, but you can't always employ the same strategy of squatting and letting the Crystal Rod kill them; if you squat on a cloud, you'll fall right through! Instead, try to fire an arrow at them from a safe distance and jump the bullet that they send your way.
  • As you begin your trek through the clouds, a new enemy known as Collins will float downward to get in your way. Collins are the enchanted armors of Palutena's fallen soldiers. They are orbitted by up to three Eeleyes. The armor floats down to a point and stops. They are easy to defeat, and are more of a distraction than anything else. The constantly moving Eeleyes are more dangerous, and should be defeated with caution before advancing.
  • Right at the start of the stage, you are presented with door A (one of only two doors in 3-1) which leads to a Pool of Recovery. You'd be foolish to omit this beneficial step at the start of your journey through Skyworld. You're going to need all the health you can get.
Kid Icarus Stage3-1B.png
  • Door B leads to the final chamber where Pit can increase the strength of his arrow. If you managed to collect all four extra arrows of power by this point, you will reach the maximum strength, and you will be eligible for the best ending in the game! Fight more Shemums, Holers and a new enemy, the Keepahs, for a while if you are not sure if you've managed to impress the gods before entering this door.
  • More Collins will appear and float down toward you as you navigate your way through this narrow section of the stage. Be thorough in your extermination of them, and be sure not to leave a small Eeleye behind. The red "fiery" round platforms will hurt Pit's feet if he stands on them for too long, although he can usually get away with hopping off of them very quickly if he does it just fast enough.
  • This area is home to a cousin of the thieving Plutons. Like their cousins, the Plutonfies attempt to steal your precious enchanted weapons away from you by crashing into you. Their behavior is very predictable. They drop down to a certain height and begin to hover. They wait for Pit to fly up to their height, and they begin to accelerate in Pit's direction. If you simply jump up to their height and fall back down, you will trigger their attack, and they will sail harmlessly over your head. You will only be in danger if you actually stay at the same level as the Plutonfly. As usual, any goods stolen by the Plutonflies can be retrieved at a Black Market… for a hefty price.
  • As you near the top of the purple block challenge, you will be greeted by a familiar sight; a Reaper! The block to the left of the Reaper makes it just so that you can land and squat down while the Reaper approaches, and the Crystal Rod will remove the Reaper from the cloud for you. Other wise, employ the usual hit and hide tactics. With your improved strength, you should be able to make short work of the Reaper in no time.