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The second stage in Skyworld contains the most number of doors, a total of four. There is a heavy reliance on floating platforms to get Pit through the early and middle sections of the stage. Reapers are placed in unfortunate locations that make advancing quickly without being noticed difficult. New enemies such as the Kometos drop from the sky while the Octos leap up from below.

Part A Part B
Kid Icarus Stage3-2A.png
  • Door B contains a regular shop. Shortly after you visit door B, you will reach the top of the brick area. You will need to resume your reliance on floating platforms to get to the top. However, in this section, you can rapidly ascend up the platforms by jumping really quickly along the center of the screen. If you do not hesitate, the platforms will line up for you as you rise.
  • Around the time that you reach the first door, the Kometos will appear. While they may look similar to an alien from another popular Nintendo title released around the same time, they are much easier to deal with. They behave identically to Monoeyes. Wait until they hover directly over Pit's head and shoot them down, or wait for them to descend from the sky to attack Pit. Door A leads to the very last training room. This is your last chance to obtain a complete set of enchanted weapons, which is needed to earn the best ending.
  • These floating platforms bounce back and forth from one side of the pillar to the other. In addition, two red-hot flame blocks are positioned so that Pit is forced to pass through them and take damage unless you adjust his placement on the platform as it moves along. Be prepared to jump over the block as you approach them.
  • A Reaper is the first enemy that you will encounter on this stage. He paces back and forth on a small pillar, looking in both directions very frequently. It is very difficult to dispatch the Reaper without being detected without getting detected. Time your jumps so that you can fire your arrows at the Reaper when he's looking away.
Kid Icarus Stage3-2B.png
  • Some Shemums and Kometos appear just before you make your escape from this stage and on to the next one. Door D contains an extremely valuable Pool of Recovery, the last one that you will encounter before the Skyworld fortress. Take advantage of it and recharge before moving on to the final leg of Skyworld.
  • Octos will continue to make a nuisance of themselves as you progress through this area, and red-hot flame blocks are positioned to get in your way. If you have 999 hearts and a high score, there's very little reason to stick around and fight them all, as it cannot help you besides increasing your score which no longer contributes to a better ending beyond 200,000 points.
  • Octos will appear at the start of this new platform section. They behave exactly like the Commyloose from the Underworld. They leap up, attempting to land on a solid platform before launching again in Pit's direction. Door C contains a Black Market. It is not wise to purchase anything at this point unless it is necessary, as you will want to remain as close to 999 hearts when you finish the game in order to earn the best ending.
  • Another Reaper awaits you near the end of the floating platform section. Under certain conditions, it is possible to shoot the Reaper through the cloud, especially if you have the Sacred Bow and Flame Arrow. Do your best to remove him without getting caught.