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The third Skyworld stage is the longest, but still not as long as the third Underworld stage. It only contains two doors, both of them places to spend your hearts, so don't count on a lot of support along the way. Focus on survival as opposed to point and heart gathering, as you have achieved as much power as you're going to at this point in the game. Enemies will assault you from every direction, so stay alert.

Part A Part B
Kid Icarus Stage3-3A.png
  • You will receive relatively little interference as you hop up the clouds, except for an occasional Holer. Remember not to duck down while you're standing on the clouds.
  • Octos and Holers will attack you as you climb up through this bricked section of the stage. Door A leads to a Black Market, but it's not recommended that you buy anything here. Instead, head up to the cloud section above.
  • Just as in the previous stage, you may be able to take advantage of the placement of these floating platforms and rocket up the stage through the center. Not every platform wraps around to the other side however. Some will return the way they came, so look at the surrounding platforms to determine the movement of the platform above you.
  • The harp that you find here is not positioned in such a way as to be very beneficial to you. Due to the fact that the moving platforms reduce the number of enemies on the screen, by the time you collect this harp, there won't be any enemies to transform into mallets. Don't put your life at risk to collect a worthless harp.
  • As soon as you begin the stage, Shemums and Kometos will descend from the sky and attack. If you are confident, you can march on ahead and deal with them as they get close to Pit. Otherwise, patiently wait out for the four groups of each enemy and proceed when the skies are clear.
Kid Icarus Stage3-3B.png
  • If you at least have the Sacred Bow, you can safely fire upon the Reaper that is standing on the opposite side of the screen without getting caught. (The Reapers are apparently near-sighted.) The final door, door B, is a shop, but since there are also shops in the fortress, you shouldn't bother buying anything here.
  • Once you reach the top of a small group of clouds, the haunted armor of the Collins will begin to appear, along with their Eeleye escorts. Take them out carefully before charging on ahead. The first Reaper that you encounter here can be taken out from below with the Sacred Bow and Flame Arrow, even though he's standing on a solid platform.
  • Octos will continue to appear as you jump through this narrow stone structure unless you have patiently eradicated all of the groups down below.
  • Octos will be nipping at Pit's heels as he jumps through this green platform section. You'll have to use the sides of the screen to wrap from one side over to the other. Watch out for the red-hot fire blocks.