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Each stage contains several doors, similar to Monster Party. However, unlike Monster Party, where doors lead to bosses, the doors in Kid Icarus lead to special rooms with various denizens and effects. Once Pit leaves a Room, the door is locked, and he cannot return without a Key.

  • Information: Most non-Fortress stages have this room. A man gives Pit a clue about the level, usually regarding the location of a secret room.
  • Shop: A room where Pit can purchase Hammers, Water Bottles, large glasses of the Water of Life, and Keys. Shops exist both in the main levels and the Fortresses, though prices are 30-50 Hearts higher in the Fortress shops.
  • Hot Spring: A room with a depression in the middle filled with water. Standing in the Spring will rapidly recharge Pit's life. There are also hidden Springs, usually found concealed near the beginning of a level, which are in differently-designed rooms that contain monsters; entering the Spring, however, removes all present monsters.
  • Training Room: Zeus appears in these rooms, which have a platform in the middle of a pool of lava, and causes square-shaped things to attack you. If you survive long enough, the "training" ends and Zeus offers you a weapon.
  • Zeus Room: Upon entering this room, the game checks your score for the level. If you have reached a certain threshold, Zeus will appear and offer you an arrow which increases your attack damage (the first doubles your original attack power, the second triples your original attack power, and so on, up to a maximum of eight). If you have not, Zeus scolds you and tells you to train harder.
  • Black Market: A rare shop which sells Water Bottles, Water Barrels, and Keys. The prices here are high.
  • Treasure Room: A room that contains eight jars. Shooting a jar costs five hearts, and each jar except one contains either ten hearts or a Hammer. One jar is special; shooting it while any other jar remains unbroken causes all unbroken jars to vanish and a mocking imp to appear. If all other jars have been broken, however, the jar contains a useful item like a Water Barrel or Credit Card.
  • Bat Room: A room in the shape of the Treasure Room, but with bats flying around that Pit can kill for five hearts each. The bats fly in predictable patterns and shouldn't prove dangerous.