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The following is a list of major characters in the story. These do not include all of the bosses and enemies, although some of these characters can be categorized as such.




Our Hero and the main playable character in Solo mode. He is the captain of the Goddess Palutena's Guard and her strongest fighter. However, unlike most angels, he is incapable of unassisted flight. Pit is unique among the game's pantheon in that he is a fairly pure hero, despite the gray and black areas many characters descend upon. He never backs down, and serves his lady faithfully.

Pit is a powerful fighter. He specializes in ranged combat, but is capable of using a wide range of weapons, including melee oriented ones such as arms, clubs, and claws. He is also capable of using Powers, special abilities that help in battle and navigating environments.



The Goddess of Light and leader of Skyworld, she is Pit's wise leader, and gives him the power of flight. Palutena is your guide for most of the game. Despite being a Good Goddess though, she does have her mischievous ways.

Underworld Army[edit]



The main antagonist of the early game. She is the Queen of Darkness. After being dead for a quarter century, she seeks to conquer the world once again.

Dark Lord Gaol[edit]

A warlord who serves Medusa. But what is under the armor?


One of Medusa's generals. This giant serpent has three heads, none of which can agree on any particular topic.


The Goddess of Deceit, and one of Medusa's generals. She used to have a body, but currently exists in a gaseous state.


The God of Death, and Medusa's second in command. He is a powerful shape-shifter, but is also possibly insane.


The grand manipulator who revived Medusa, and the game's true antagonist. He is evil for evil's sake.

Forces of Nature[edit]


The Goddess of Nature, who hates humanity and the Underworld alike.

Arlon the Serene[edit]

One of Viridi's commanders, and the guardian of the Lunar Sanctum.


One of Viridi's commanders, and a user of lightning attacks.




A human mercenary, who happens to fight the Underworld Army.

Dark Pit/Pittoo[edit]

KIUDark Pit.jpg

A clone of Pit, who only fights for his own pleasure. Despite being a supposedly "dark" version of Pit, he's not that bad a guy.


The God of the Oceans


God of the Sun, and a large ham in a pantheon of ham.

The Chariot Master[edit]

Guardian of the Lightning Chariot.


God of the Forge, and the creator of great weapons.