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Powers can be used to further customize the way Pit is fighting besides the Weapons. You can choose only a limited choice. To select the powers you are given a field of 6x6 squares. The powers itself are represented as tiles with different shapes. To select them you have to arrange them on the filed, so that all are fitting.

You can get powers by playing chapters or multiplayer or as a reward in the Treasure Hunt. The collected powers are parts to complete the power-portrait in the vault.

Name Description
Sky Jump Jump high into the air from where you're standing.
Jump Glide Jump high into the air, then perform a glide.
Angelic Missile Transform into a missile that shoots in the direction you're facing.
Idol Transformation Turn enemies with low health into Idols. (Solo mode only; Intensity 2.0 or higher.)
Mega Laser Fire a massive laser.
Land Mine Plant an invisible bomb on the ground.
Reflect Barrier Create a barrier that reflects shots.
Heavenly Light Unleash a light that hurts approaching enemies.
Autoreticle Target enemies automatically when attacking
Weak-Point Reticle Target enemies' weak points automatically when attacking. (Solo mode only.)
Quick Charge Charge up shots immediately.
Homing Boost Improve the homing ability of shots.
Slip Shot Fire shots that pass through walls.
Invisible Shots Make the shots you fire invisible.
Random Effect Adds a random effect to attacks, such as poison, paralysis, shaking, freezing, etc.
Poison Attack Poison foes with attacks.
Paralyze Attack Attacks inflict paralysis on a foe, which can stop its movement and make dodging harder.
Petrify Attack Attacks inflict petrification on a foe, which makes it unable to move.
Confuse Attack Attacks inflict a confused status on a foe, which makes it move and shoot unpredictably.
Burn Attack Attacks inflict a burned status on a foe, which causes ongoing damage faster than poison.
Freeze Attack Attacks inflict a frozen status on a foe, which makes it unable to move.
Super Armor Increase defensive strength and prevent getting knocked back when receiving damage.
Brief Invincibility Completely protect yourself from enemy attacks.
Tirelessness Run continuously without tiring.
Lightweight Increase movement speed and prevent tiring out in exchange for taking more damage when hit.
Aries Armor Reduce damage received, and prevent status effects and getting knocked back.
Bumblebee Dodge all attacks by vanishing and circling around the enemy in an instant.
Counter Avoid getting knocked back and automatically counter attack when hit by enemy attacks.
Transparency Turn transparent, making you invisible to enemies.
Playing Dead Fool enemies into thinking you're finished, then turn invisible, making attacks pass through you.
Heart Booster Increase the number of hearts received when you defeat enemies. (Solo mode only.)
Health Recovery Recovers a little health.
Crisis Recovery Recover instantly from Crisis mode. (Solo mode only.)
Effect recovery Dispel effects like poison or paralysis.
Throwing Boost Increase the homing ability and distance of thrown items.
Celestial Firework Celebrate Lady Palutena by launching a firework into the air.